Recently Mobile Strike has been extended with Tier 5 Troops (and Traps). This guide explains how these can be unlocked and what the benefits are.

Tier 5 Troop Statistics

So far only regular Tier 5 troops have been introduced: Strikers (Infantry), Hunters (Tactical), Wraiths (Armored Vehicle) and Rocket Barrage (Artillery). Together they are also referred to a Future Soldiers.

The Attack, Defense and Health Stats are marked as 5. From the relative strength of the lower tier troops we know this is more a qualitative indication (tier 5 is stronger than tier 4), than that we can base exactly how much stronger tier 5 troops are as tier 4 troops. This is something tests have to point out.

Similarly the Speed indication of 0 blocks (1 for Wraiths) does only tell us they move slower.

The Power of 45 (60 for Rocket Barrage) is a smaller increase than from Tier 3 to Tier 4.

The Load of the Tier 5 Troops is relatively increased a lot, but that is probably not the most interesting stat for most.

The resource cost is roughly 15 times as high for tier 5 as tier 4 troops, the required time is with 30 minutes for 1 tier 5 troop exactly 15 times as long as tier 4.

Unlocking Tier 5 Troops

The Combat Research Category has been extended with new projects that allow you to unlock the Tier 5 Troops. At this time, not sure whether this is temporary, the resource and time requirements are zero. The hardest requirement is that the Troop Academy building needs to be upgraded to level 16. There are special item requirements for all levels, and a new special item requirement for level 16, so this is likely not cheap. For the rest Future Soldier Files are required, but those requirements seem very low (as an indication, the game gave me 5000 Future Soldier Files for free and the cost to unlock a Tier 5 Troop is 25 Future Soldier Files).

Elite Research Projects

The Combat Research Tree is also extended with a number of Elite Research Projects. For each troop type (Infantry, Tactical, Armored Vehicle and Artillery), there are 3 Research Projects for Defense, Health and Attack, so you have Elite Infantry Defense etc.

These Elite Research Projects are different from regular combat research projects in the sense that the boosts they give are higher the higher the tier of the troops. So researching Elite Infantry Defense will make your Tier 5 troops stronger than all other Tiers. The information is not provided complete so I had to extrapolate from what information is offered in the game. I am not sure whether I have done this correct, but it indicates that for Elite Infantry Defense the level 10 boost for Tier 5 is 1000% and for Tier 1 is 300%. For Elite Infantry Health this is 1000% vs 745%. This will make Tier 5 troops extra powerful compared to lower Tiers.

Resource Cost Reduction

For each of the new Tier 5 troops there is a resource cost reduction project that can save you up to a total of 30% resource cost. I don't know the complete requirements to reach level 10 of these projects, but the resource requirements to train Tier 5 are huge, so it might be worth while to research these projects.


For sure a nice addition to the game. Experiments need to be done to see whether once the extended Combat Research Category is fully researched a rally with Regular Tier 5 troops outperforms a rally with Advanced and Mercenary Tier 4 Troops in most common scenarios. If anyone has made an analysis, please share findings in the comments.

The costs (both resource and speed ups) are huge compared to tier 4, but when it gives an extra advantage over tier 4 marches, it is worth the cost.

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