Player Research

An overview of all player research projects available in Mobile Strike including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.
Research Category Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
Economics 62.33M Stone
62.84M Oil
52.51M Iron
62.63M Food
169.59M Coin
779d 23:60:00 10.89M 8,479,672 10.9
Combat (26.9% complete) 123.50M Stone
123.50M Oil
92.63M Iron
144.15M Food
517.55M Coin
116.0 Future Soldier File
5940d 04:44:60 26.40M 28,963,000
Traps 32.30M Stone
32.30M Oil
24.22M Iron
30.70M Food
73.72M Coin
747d 05:38:20 4.88M 3,685,945 4.9
Commander 1.99B Stone
1.90B Oil
1.89B Iron
3.57B Food
3.35B Coin
500.0 Commander Restricted File
5.0K Rebel Level 10 Restricted File
5.0K Rebel Level 8 Restricted File
5.0K Rebel Level 9 Restricted File
21K Research File
16065d 09:30:00 24.05M 98,935,623 6.2
Manufacturing (80.9% complete) 9.35B Stone
9.40B Oil
9.62B Iron
9.69B Food
6.99B Coin
462.0 Manufacturing Restricted File
5.4K Research File
3222d 16:26:40 19.05M 107,895,460
Advanced Traps 77.74M Stone
77.74M Oil
77.74M Iron
70.58M Food
177.18M Coin
33.0 Advanced Wall Traps Restricted File
270.0 Research File
2005d 20:11:20 5.95M 7,176,170 3.6
Advanced Combat (21.4% complete) 2.77B Stone
2.77B Oil
2.55B Iron
3.68B Food
4.26B Coin
98.0 Advanced Combat Restricted File
1.2K Research File
67744d 10:06:40 18.05M 223,159,936
Battle Tactics (27.6% complete) 16.26B Stone
15.84B Oil
16.69B Iron
17.69B Food
16.41B Coin
1.3K Battle Tactics Restricted File
7.8K Research File
269813d 12:59:58 2.38M 1,082,721,270
Set Bonus (10.3% complete) 104.91M Stone
98.63M Oil
115.16M Iron
97.17M Food
213.09M Coin
577.0 Research File
203.0 Set Bonus Restricted File
00:00:00 1.46M 21,643,450
Mod Set Bonus (2.3% complete) 3.05B Stone
2.98B Oil
3.01B Iron
2.97B Food
2.97B Coin
560.0 Mod Set Bonus Restricted File
5.6K Research File
19903d 06:50:02 2.90M 82,211,413
Building Development (10.6% complete) 00:00:00 3.34M 59,889,130
Mercenary Combat (8.8% complete) 17.33B Stone
17.25B Oil
17.62B Iron
17.38B Food
17.54B Coin
18K Mercenary Combat Restricted File
28K Research File
283449d 16:04:48 29.95M 271,524,930
Augments (12.3% complete) 00:00:00 19.59M 53,288,540
Mobile Ops (0.2% complete) 5.6K Stone
5.6K Oil
5.6K Iron
40.0 Mobile Ops Restricted File
10.0 Research File
03:00:00 500.0 0
Rebel Tactics (0.0% complete) 00:00:00 0
Mobile Traps (0.0% complete) 00:00:00 0
Ultimate Combat (0.0% complete) 00:00:00 0
Battle Marks (0.0% complete) 00:00:00 0
Arsenal (0.0% complete) 00:00:00 0
Daily Milestone Rewards (0.0% complete) 00:00:00 0

Note: We do not yet have complete information for all research categories. Any missing information (resource requirements, original time, dependencies, power and XP) is much appreciated. Please leave a comment or send an e-mail.

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