Research Projects

An overview of all research projects available in the Building Development Research Tree in Mobile Strike including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.

Iron Min Capacity and Production

Max Lv. 10 Iron Capacity Increase 50.0%
Iron Production 50.0%

Quarry Capacity and Production

Max Lv. 10 Stone Capacity Increase 50.0%
Stone Production 50.0%

Oil Well Capacity and Production

Max Lv. 10 Oil Capacity Increase 50.0%
Oil Production 50.0%

Bank Capacity and Production

Max Lv. 10 Coin Capacity Increase 50.0%
Coin Production 50.0%

Farm Capacity and Production

Max Lv. 10 Food Capacity Increase 50.0%
Food Production 50.0%

Warehouse Capacity

Max Lv. 10 Warehouse Capacity Increase 5,000.0%

Trading Post Resource Capacity Increase

Max Lv. 10 Resource Help Capacity +8,000,000

Trading Post Help Tax Decrease

Max Lv. 10 Resource Tax Decrease 1.0%

Hall of Heroes Experience Modifier

Max Lv. 10 Commander XP Modifier 165.0%

Wall Trap Attack

Max Lv. 10 Trap Attack 200.0%
Advanced Trap Attack 200.0%

Wall Trap Defense

Max Lv. 10 Trap Defense 200.0%
Advanced Trap Defense 200.0%

Wall Trap Capacity

Max Lv. 10 Trap Capacity +275,000

Radar Station Attack Penalty

Max Lv. 10 Radar Station Attack Penalty 25.0%

Embassy Defense Bonus

Max Lv. 10 Embassy Defense Bonus 25.0%

Hospital Healing Speed and Capacity

Max Lv. 10 Hospital Healing Speed 200.0%
Hospital Capacity Increase 200.0%

Armory Core Duration

Max Lv. 10 Prototype Gear Duration 10.0%

Research Speed

Max Lv. 10 Research Speed 40.0%

2nd Insignia Slot

Max Lv. 1 2nd Insignia Slot

Vault Deposit Size and Interest Rate

Max Lv. 10 Vault Maximum Deposit Increase 5,000
Vault Interest Rate Increase 7.0%

Troop Academy Conversion Capacity and Speed

Max Lv. 10 Promotion Capacity Increase 200.0%
Troop Promotion Speed 200.0%

Combat Lab Efficiency

Max Lv. 10 Enhancement Efficiency 10.0%

Death Row Attack Bonus

Max Lv. 10 Death Row Attack Bonus 250.0%

Death Row Health Bonus

Max Lv. 10 Death Row Health Bonus 150.0%

Death Row Defense Bonus

Max Lv. 10 Death Row Defense Bonus 150.0%

Prison Captured Commander Bonus

Max Lv. 10 Prison Captured Commander Bonus 200.0%

Prison Bonus for Multiple Captured Commanders

Max Lv. 2 Prison Bonus Multiple Commanders +3

Troop Defense IV

Max Lv. 10 Troop Defense Bonus 300.0%
Advanced Troop Defense Bonus 300.0%

Troop Health IV

Max Lv. 10 Troop Health Bonus 300.0%
Advanced Troop Health Bonus 300.0%

Troop Attack IV

Max Lv. 10 Troop Attack Bonus 500.0%
Advanced Troop Attack Bonus 500.0%

Currently we do not have complete information on this research category yet, if you have missing information, please let us know via the User Comments or send us an e-mail to the address in the footer of this page.

Total Cost

Note that below information is based on partial data.

Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
00:00:00 3.34M 59,889,130

Note: We do not yet have complete information for all research categories. Any missing information (resource requirements, original time, dependencies, power and XP) is much appreciated. You can register and add the information yourself, or leave a comment or send an e-mail.

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