Each day you can complete Daily Objectives to get some resources, speed ups, silver and gold key, tome of knowledge and gems. Typically you will find if you actively play you already score quite some points and it will just be a little extra effort to score enough points to win the highest prize. This guide contains a description of all activities you can score points for for the daily objectives prize targets.

Rise of Civiliations Daily Objectives Guide

10/21/2018 - -

Explanation of the Daily Objectives in the game Rise of Civilizations, including example on how to complete all of them.

In the Quests scroll at the left side of the screen there is a Daily Objectives menu item, where you can see the points you can still get for each activity and where you can claim your prizes. There are both rewards for the individual activites (get them by clicking the Claim button once completed) and for reaching point targets (get them by clicking on the chests).

Do More with Less - 5 points

During normal game play you will receive a lot of resource items. If you haven't used any on a given day, just open 5 small ones to get the points.

Friendly Commerce - 10 points

Purchase 5 items in the Courier Station. There are 16 trades on offer in the Courier Station, which you can each day refresh one time for free. Either for gems or resources you can purchase resources or some goodies. I tend to focus on trade for resources, as I expect there will be better opportunities to use my gems.

Help Each Other - 5 points

Providing Helps for your alliance members (via your Alliance Center, or the Alliance - Help menu) is something you always need to do anyway. If you are in a large active alliance it should be no problem to score maximum points by providing 20 Helps early on in the game (until players become less active and/or resource requirements and timers become so large many people might not restart new timers daily).

Hazard Cleanup - 2 points

There are Barbarian armies roaming on the world map. Attack and defeat one to score maximum points.

Hazard Cleanup - 8 points

There are Barbarian armies roaming on the world map. Attack and defeat three to score maximum points.

The Great Physician - 2 points

Heal 50 troops in the hospitals.

The Gatherer - 5 points

Gather 10k Food on the map.

The Lumberjack - 5 points

Gather 10k Wood on the map.

Rock Star - 5 points

Gather 7.5k Stone on the map.

Food Growth - 5 points

Use an item to boost the food production of your city.

Wood Growth - 5 points

Use an item to boost the wood production of your city.

Stone Growth - 5 points

Use an item to boost the stone production of your city.

Skillful Craftsman - 10 points

Upgrade any building to get maximum points. Early on this should be very easy, until you are at a later stage in the game when timers become very long.

Age of Science - 10 points

You can score maximum points by just doing one research project. Again this should be very easy early on, until you are at a later stage and either timers become very long, or you do not have enough resources to keep research going.

Sword of the King - 5 points

Train 200 Infantry Unit to get maximum points.

Bow of the King - 5 points

Train 200 Archer Unit to get maximum points.

Horse of the King - 5 points

Train 200 Cavalry Unit to get maximum points.

Power of the King - 5 points

Train 200 Siege Unit to get maximum points.

Sustainable Development - 3 points

Collect 5000 resources in your city by harvesting your resource producing buildings.

Strange Fate - 5 points

Open 4 silver chests in the Tavern building. This can be done without spending keys, each day you can open 4 for free. When you open one, a cooldown timer will start after which the next one is available to open.

Gathering Enhancement - 5 points

Use one gather boost item.

Power of Knowledge - 5 points

Use 5 tomes of knowledge to increase the XP level of one of your commanders. Normally you get plenty of tome of knowledge items form your normal game play.

More Daily Objectives?

My City Hall is only lvl 8 when making this guide, there might be more Daily Objectives added when the City Hall is higher.


There are a total of 5 prize levels, at 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 points. No. 1, 2 and 4 only give resources and speed ups. The 3rd one gives various goodies including a silver key, basic action point, and 20 lvl 1 Tome of Knowledge items. The 5th one gives 100 Gems, a Golden Key, a Magic Box, and 2 Epic Commander items.


Since you do a lot of the Daily Objective activities anyway, it is good to pay attention to this. A little effort can provide you with useful prizes.

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