An overview of all cards that are available in Star Wars: Force Arena, with information about the associated leaders, squads, supports and structures.
Card Quality Level Card Types Cost Leader/ Squad/ Structure/ Support
4-LOM Unique Squad 2 1x 4-LOM
Aqualish Engineer Rare Squad 3 1x Aqualish Engineer
AT-ST Walker Epic Squad 7 1x AT-ST Walker
Bantha Rider Epic Squad 5 1x Bantha Rider
Ben Kenobi Unique Squad 8 1x Ben Kenobi
Chewbacca Unique Squad 5 1x Chewbacca
Chirrut Imwe Unique Squad 4 1x Chirrut Imwe
Chopper Unique Squad 3 1x Chopper
Death Squad Leader Unique Squad 5 1x Death Squad Leader
Death Troopers Rare Squad 3 2x Death Troopers
Devaronian Bladesmen Common Squad 3 2x Devaronian Bladesmen
Dewback Trooper Epic Squad 4 1x Dewback Trooper
Doctor Aphra Unique Squad 2 1x Doctor Aphra
Dresselian Rebel Warrior Epic Squad 4 1x Dresselian Rebel Warrior
Dresselian Sniper Rare Squad 4 1x Dresselian Sniper
Eight Brother Unique Squad 3 1x Eight Brother
Evaan Verlaine Unique Squad 2 1x Evaan Verlaine
Fenn Rau Unique Squad 3 1x Fenn Rau
Fifth Brother Unique Squad 4 1x Fifth Brother
Gigoran Rebel Rare Squad 5 1x Gigoran Rebel
Governor Pryce Unique Squad 5 1x Governor Pryce
IG-88 Unique Squad 3 1x IG-88
Imperial Heavy Gunners Rare Squad 5 3x Imperial Heavy Gunners
Imperial Jumptroopers Rare Squad 4 4x Imperial Jumptroopers
Imperial Royal Guards Unique Squad 3 2x Imperial Royal Guards
Imperial Sentry Droid Rare Squad 3 1x Imperial Sentry Droid
Imperial Sharpshooter Rare Squad 4 1x Imperial Sharpshooter
Imperial Sharpshooter Army Epic Squad 6 3x Imperial Sharpshooter Army
K-2SO Unique Squad 3 1x K-2SO
Kanan Jarrus Unique Squad 3 1x Kanan Jarrus
Keredian Partisan Rare Squad 4 1x Keredian Partisan
MLC-3 Light Tank Epic Squad 6 1x MLC-3 Light Tank
MTV-7 Light Vehicle Epic Squad 5 1x MTV-7 Light Vehicle
Nien Nunb Unique Squad 2 1x Nien Nunb
Pao Unique Squad 3 1x Pao
Phoenix Squadron Common Squad 5 3x Phoenix Squadron
Probe Droid Common Squad 3 1x Probe Droid
Rebel Demolitionist Rare Squad 3 1x Rebel Demolitionist
Rebel Grenadier Common Squad 3 1x Rebel Grenadier
Rebel Honor Guards Rare Squad 5 4x Rebel Honor Guards
Rebel Pathfinders Common Squad 3 2x Rebel Pathfinders
Rebel Troopers Common Squad 2 4x Rebel Troopers
Riot Control Trooper Common Squad 2 3x Riot Control Trooper
Rocket Stormtrooper Rare Squad 3 1x Rocket Stormtrooper
Sandtroopers Common Squad 3 1x Sandtrooper
Stormtroopers Common Squad 2 3x Stormtroopers
Talz Marauder Army Epic Squad 4 9x Talz Marauder Army
Talz Marauders Common Squad 2 3x Talz Marauders
TK-7193 Unique Squad 2 1x TK-7193
Twi'Lek Flamethrowers Epic Squad 2 3x Twi'Lek Flamethrowers
Twi'Lek Rebels Common Squad 1 4x Twi'Lek Rebels
TX_225 Assault Tank Epic Squad 6 1x TX-225 Assault Tank
Unstable GNK Droid Rare Squad 3 1x Unstable GNK Droid
Wed Treadwell Droid Rare Squad 3 1x Wed Treadwell Droid
Wookie Warrior Rare Squad 3 1x Wookie Warrior
Yogar Lyste Unique Squad 3 1x Yogar Lyste
Zabrak Assasins Epic Squad 5 3x Zabrak Assasins
C-10 Stun Grenade Epic Support 2 C-10 Stun Grenade
C-14A Stun Grenade Epic Support 2 C-14A Stun Grenade
Dioxis Grenade Rare Support 2 Dioxis Grenade
Energy Net Rare Support 1 Energy Net
Energy Pike Trap Common Support 2 Energy Net
Hyper-Adrenal Rare Support 3 Hyper-Adrenal
Ion Mine Rare Support 3 Ion Mine
Nerve Gas Grenade Rare Support 2 Nerve Gas Grenade
Rebel Drop Pod Epic Support 5 Rebel Drop Pod
Slave I Unique Support 4
TIE Bomber Epic Support 5 TIE Bomber
TIE Fighter Common Support 3 TIE Fighter
U-Wing Unique Support 4
X-Wing Common Support 3 X-Wing
Y-Wing Epic Support 4 Y-Wing
40th Anniversary Luke Legendary Leader 0 1x 40th Anniversary Luke
40th Anniversary Vader Legendary Leader 0 1x 40th Anniversary Vader
Agent Kallus Legendary Leader 0 1x Agent Kallus
Baze Malbus Legendary Leader 0 1x Baze Malbus
Boba Fett Legendary Leader 0 1x Boba Fett
Bodhi Rook Legendary Leader 0 1x Bodhi Rook
Bossk Legendary Leader 0 1x Bossk
Captain Cassian Andor Legendary Leader 0 1x Captain Cassian Andor
Darth Vader Legendary Leader 0 1x Darth Vader
Dengar Legendary Leader 0 1x Dengar
Director Orson Krennic Legendary Leader 0 1x Director Orson Krennic
Emperor Palpatine Legendary Leader 0 1x Emperor Palpatine
Ezra Bridger Legendary Leader 0 1x Ezra Bridger
Grand Admiral Thrawn Legendary Leader 0 1x Grand Admiral Thrawn
Grand Moff Tarkin Legendary Leader 0 1x Grand Moff Tarkin
Han Solo Legendary Leader 0 1x Han Solo
Hera Syndulla Legendary Leader 0 1x Hera Syndulla
Jyn Erso Legendary Leader 0 1x Jyn Erso
Lando Calrissian Legendary Leader 0 1x Lando Calrissian
Luke Skywalker Legendary Leader 0 1x Luke Skywalker
Princes Leia Legendary Leader 0 1x Princes Leia
Sabine Wren Legendary Leader 0 1x Sabine Wren
Seventh Sister Legendary Leader 0 1x Seventh Sister
The Grand Inquisitor Legendary Leader 0 1x The Grand Inquisitor
Auto Blaster Turret Common Structure 3 Auto Blaster Turret
Imperial Infantry Turret Common Structure 3 Imperial Infantry Turret
Imperial Laser Turret Epic Structure 5 Imperial Laser Turret
Mortar Turret Epic Structure 5 Mortar Turret

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