Survival of the Fittest is a recurring weeklong event that consists of different stages. The third stage is called Troop Training. This guide contains some tips on how to do well.

State of Survival Survival of the Fittest Stage III Troop Training

06/10/2020 - -

Illustrating how upgrading tier 9 troops to tier 10 is giving way more points than training tier 10 troops directly for the Troop Training (and Power Sprint) stage. Ranked 1 at the end of the video, but the day is still long.

Important Notice: This is based on the stages and the order as it is currently in my state. This might not be the same for all states, I know from experience in my state that early on we had a different survival of the fittest event with 5 stages ending in a 2 day kill stage.

How to get Points

You get points for training troops. The higher the troop tier, the more points.

Troop Training Points per Tier
Tier Points
Tier 1 135
Tier 2 180
Tier 3 270
Tier 4 405
Tier 5 585
Tier 6 900
Tier 7 1260
Tier 8 1710
Tier 9 2250
Tier 10 2970


You can prepare for this event by making sure you have plenty of training speedups and resources, so that you can score points by using those resources to start new trainings and the speedups to complete them. Looking back further it is important to have a high troop training speed, and also a high training capacity. One important factor in training speed and capacity is to have many and high level training camps. Which each level of each camp your training speed and capacity increase further. In addition in the Development research tree the Training Yard (capacity) and Training Routines (speed) projects help as well.


Time the training one day before so that you complete a full training batch just after the event starts.

Training vs Upgrading

For upgrading troops (I have checked upgrading tier 9 to tier 10 vs training tier 10, assume the same holds for lower tiers), you get a lot more points (about 1.8 times as much) for upgrading one batch compared to training (the time for a batch is the same, the amount of troops differ). Because of this, you can score a lot more points this stage if throughout the day (and in preparation) you do upgrades instead of training. Also if you do upgrades with any speed ups you plan to use.

This also holds for the power sprint stage.

Comparing to Troop Training and Power Sprint

There are two other stages where you can get points for training troops, the Settlement Evolution stage providing points for using training speed ups, and the Power Sprint stage providing you with points based on power increase in troops. If your goal is to do well in the overall ranking, I make a comparison how you can score most points with your training speed ups. Note that this is not necessarily the best tactic, because it does not consider the rewards for reaching point targets for the different stages.

For troop training, training 1 tier 9 troop (I don't have tier 10 troop training time yet) with a 157.8% training speed up boost (which I have at the moment of writing this guide) will take 0.84691 minute and would give 1270 points for the Settlement Evolution stage, 1500 points for the Power Sprint stage and 2250 points for the Troop Training stage, so looking at maximizing your total points the troop training speed ups are best used during the troop training stage.

Competing with Big Spenders

If you save up enough speed ups and especially if you also use them for upgrading, you can rank high, but it is difficult to save up enough speed ups for top, so you might want to only focus to do really well every other time so you have more time to save up speed ups.


I hope these tips make it easy to win the Troop Training Stage of the Survival of the Fittest event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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