Survival of the Fittest is a recurring weeklong event that consists of different stages. The fourth stage is called Chief Gear Badge Enhance. This guide contains some tips on how to do well.

State of Survival Survival of the Fittest Stage IV Chief Gear Badge Enhance

06/11/2020 - -

Using my chief gear badge ingredients to try to stay in top 20 of Survival of the Fittest event.

Important Notice: This is based on the stages and the order as it is currently in my state. This might not be the same for all states, I know from experience in my state that early on we had a different survival of the fittest event with 5 stages ending in a 2 day kill stage.

How to get Points

You get 1000 points for each increase in your Chief Gear Badge Score.

Chief Gear Badge Score
Badge Score
Grade 1 Mercenary Badge 625
Grade 2 Mercenary Badge 1875
Grade 1 Officer Badge 5000
Grade 2 Officer Badge 13750
Grade 1 Commander Badge 25000
Grade 2 Commander Badge 37500
Grade 3 Commander Badge 50000


During the Capital Clash you can get some rewards that allow you to craft and upgrade Chief Gear Badges (previously referred to as Medals). Don't use these right away, but wait until this event stage is active.

Competing with Big Spenders

Normally as a small or non spender, you won't get so many of the necessary ingredients to upgrade and typically some players will always spend to get more as well, so don't count on ranking at the top, but depending on the activity of your state you might rank in the top 100 if you save up enough.


If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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