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Match pairs of tiles in a 2D field with as restriction that the tiles can be connected via a a route with at most two turns. There are many levels with different layouts and different sets of tiles. You can win boosters that can help you complete levels.

Tile Connect - Tutorial and Review

03/16/2021 - -

Tutorial and Review of the puzzle game Tile Connect.


The first 25 levels I have played were quite easy and didn't seem to be getting tougher. There seem to be plenty of reshuffles that are automatically used when you are running out of options. There are a couple of features that are a bit confusing to me, which make the game more difficult, but not in a way a like. One is that what seems to be without any logic sometimes all tiles fall to the top, left, bottom or right. Since I have no idea why this happens, it is impossible to anticipate. The other confusing part is that after all tiles have fallen to a certain side, my first impression was that it would not be possible to connect tiles via that side, because there is no space to make a connection there, but this was still possible. Confusing.


There seems to be very little variation between the different levels.


One nice visual aspect is that there are many different tilesets, which are all well made.

Free vs Paid

While playing I didn't run into any restrictions, so the free version seems to be feature complete. There are a lot of ads in between levels, which can be turned off by paying a small amount. You can also purchase packs with boosters and gold coins. Those gold coins can be used to purchase more boosters.

Is It Any Good?

I give Tile Connect 7 out of 10 stars. A nice concept, but contains some flaws and lacks an increasing difficulty and variation.

Gaming Studio Higgs Technology Co., Limited
Subcategories Tile Match
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Reviewed on Mar 3, 2021

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