Most of the days there is a daily event active that you can focus on to win prizes. This guide deals with information relevant for winning the Castle Development daily event.

How to Develop Your Castle

For this event any building upgrade and research project are considered Castle Development. Building upgrades can be done by clicking on any building and selecting the Upgrade option. Research can be done in the College by selecting the research option.


Points are acquired based on an increase in power. Both building and research power increase will give you 100 points for the event per 1 point power increase.

Preparation and Boosts

Important boost for this event are the Building and Research Speedup boosts, which are discussed in detail in the Guide on Speeding Up Research, Construction and Training. Have a look at it.

Especially the Building Speedup and Research Speedup boosts are important, make sure you have done the research to increase the Building Speedup, assign your Lord Skill points to increase both, forge some gear for those boosts, and invite your friend with the highest level Lord to the Drill Grounds to get the best boosts.

Also do not forget to upgrade the Dwellings building as first building after each Castle upgrade. It gives you more citizens, potentially allowing you to do more building upgrades, which can significantly increase the building power increase.


The power increase for buildings can be found in via the Information menu of a building (and on our website). The power increase for research projects is only shown in the game after a research project is completed. On our website the power is also listed for research projects as far as known to us. This could help you plan in advance to meet your requirements. Consider using the Research Planner from the Tools menu to plan your research.

For research projects not all projects give the same power per time increase. On our website the power increase per day is listed and you might want to focus on research project levels with a higher power increase per time, so that you reach the required point limits faster.

Make sure you start some large building and research projects that are completed once this event starts, so that you already start with a significant amount of points.

Make sure you have as much building upgrades in progress as you can and always have a research project going.


I hope these tips make it easy to win the Castle Development Daily event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

Contributed by: on July 14, 2016


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