Regular Troops
Name Tier Type
Rider Tier 1 Cavalry
Militia Tier 1 Infantry
Huntingbow Archer Tier 1 Archer
Chosen One Tier 1 Wizard
Attendant Rider Tier 2 Cavalry
Infantry Tier 2 Infantry
Shortbow Archer Tier 2 Archer
Apprentice Tier 2 Wizard
Heavy Cavalry Tier 3 Cavalry
Spear Militia Tier 3 Infantry
Light Crossbowmen Tier 3 Archer
Practiced One Tier 3 Wizard
Horse Archer Tier 4 Cavalry
Swordsman Tier 4 Infantry
Heavy Crossbowmen Tier 4 Archer
Mage Tier 4 Wizard
Bow Knight Tier 5 Cavalry
Pike Warrior Tier 5 Infantry
Longbow Archer Tier 5 Archer
Awakened One Tier 5 Wizard
Rose Knight Tier 6 Cavalry
Bodyguard Tier 6 Infantry
Sniper Archer Tier 6 Archer
School Mage Tier 6 Wizard
Wing Knight Tier 7 Cavalry
Noble Guards Tier 7 Infantry
Pavise Crossbowmen Tier 7 Archer
Sorcerer Tier 7 Wizard
Royal Knight Tier 8 Cavalry
Halberd Warrior Tier 8 Infantry
Eagle Archer Tier 8 Archer
Mad Sorcerer Tier 8 Wizard
Storm Knight Tier 9 Cavalry
Dragon Guards Tier 9 Infantry
Catapult Crossbowmen Tier 9 Archer
Archmage Tier 9 Wizard
Temple Knight Tier 10 Cavalry
Imperial Guards Tier 10 Infantry
Elf Archer Tier 10 Archer
Dragon Disciple Tier 10 Wizard

Use the Troop Training Calculator to plan your troop training.

Troops Strengths/Weakness Matrix

Attacking Against
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