Price Comparison

The table below contains the gold and Alliance Honour price for all items that are both available in the gold store and the alliance store. In the last column you see a ratio between the loyalty price and the gold price, and you will notice that this is the same for all items, so from a pricing point of view there should not be any preference of buying certain items in one store rather than the other.

Category Item Gold Price Loyalty Price Loyalty / Price
Buff 8-Hour Peace Shield 500 100,000 200.0
Special Advanced Teleport 2,000 400,000 200.0
Special Change Appearance 400 80,000 200.0
Special Gather Bonus (24 Hours) 600 120,000 200.0
Special Lord Rename 200 40,000 200.0
Special Random Teleport 500 100,000 200.0
Speed Ups 1-Hour Speedup 150 30,000 200.0
Speed Ups 5-Minute Speedup 15 3,000 200.0
War 12-Hour Attack Bonus 500 100,000 200.0
War Emergency Reinforcement 500 100,000 200.0
War March Recall 50 10,000 200.0

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