Honor points is a new in game credit that is required to research in War Technology category and that you can use to purchase items in the Hall of War Honor Store.

How to Acquire Honor Points

Honor points can be acquired by killing enemy troops (anytime) and by killing monsters and Koschei (during the Monster Post Reward – Honor event only)

There is a daily limit on the amount of Honor points you can acquire (depending on the level of your Castle).

I have not yet looked into the daily limit or how much Honor points you get exactly for killing enemy troops. During the now ongoing kill event I participated in 5 rallies to reach a little over the 1.5 million points that were my requirement to win the gold prize. During this I believe I must have won roughly 30,000 Honor Points (could be 20k, could be 40k, do not remember exactly how much I had before). I have a level 20 Castle. That was relatively easy compared to getting honor points by killing monsters.

I have done some limited experiments with killing monsters. For killing a level 16 monster I got 52 honor points and for killing a level 12 monster I got 46 honor points.

For rallying Koschei I tried a level 25 and a level 5. With the same troops, commander setting and hero, I did between 6 and 7.5% damage to the Koschei level 25, which resulted in between 261 and 299 honor points. For the Koschei level 5 I did 32.5% damage and got 471 honor points. Whether or not a Koschei is killed surprisingly did not seem to affect the number of honor points.

Based on this limited set of experiments it is probably best to use your energy to rally lower level Koschei. I am not exactly sure how the damage works, but it might be preferably to just rally a level Koschei with 2 people, potentially not killing the Koschei, but maximizing the damage and thus the Honor points.

What to do with Honor Points

I have a strong preference for using it for the War Technology research. I have share that I already reached the important VIP 4 that gives the extra March, and I have not looked at making a gear set yet that would require the materials you can purchase in the Honor Store (such as Heavy Leather, Pearl and Asphalt), but for both the prices in Honor Points seem quite high.

I am currently researching the first 4 projects in the War Technology research category, that give a benefit of 10% per level in resource cost reduction for training tier 1 to tier 7 troops. Potentially cutting the resource cost in half once I am at level 5. This is a huge benefit. Honor Points costs are increasing rapidly with increasing levels of these projects, so for now I prefer to use it all on these projects, get it done as soon as possible.

After this there are 12 more projects each for one specific troop type and tier (8 to 10). At that point you might per project decide whether you really plan to train a lot of those to warrant researching it to max level.


Honor Points are not easy to come by, killing enemy troops is the easiest way. During the Monster Post Reward – Honor event you can get some Honor Points by killing monsters and Koschei as well, although not much. Spending points on the War Technology research has great benefits in resource cost reduction for training troops.

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