An Alliance can build various buildings on the Kingdom Map, which benefit the whole alliance. This guide explains the functioning and benefits of each of the Alliance Buildings.

Alliance Fortress

The Fortress is the main building of your alliance. It marks your alliance territory (within the green borderlines on the Kingdom Map). Any other building needs to be build inside the alliance territory.

Once the Fortress is completed any cities of alliance members within the alliance territory enjoy a number of benefits (a 30% increase of the Wall Defense Damage to a burning enemy city, a 24% Resource Gathering Speed Boost, a 24% Resource Production Boost and a 24% Resource Storage Boost).

The Fortress can be Garrisoned. It seems it is important that the first person that Garrisons a building is the strongest. This person influences the total amount of troops that can Garrison the fortress.

Enemies can attack the Fortress, but it will take a long time to destroy, even with a max capacity of high tier troops. Often people attacking the fortress will stop quite soon once they realize it will take a long time and they do not want to keep their troops vulnerable, so unless if you have superior forces, I suggest to wait a bit before trying to stop the destruction. If you want to stop you can rally your own fortress. Take your time to make sure you have one or more rally leaders that are fully set for combat and enough troops to max out the full rally capacity.

If the Fortress is destroyed all other alliance buildings will automatically be destroyed as well. This seems like a big deal, but actually alliance buildings can be rebuild quite fast if you have a large alliance with plenty of troops.

This alliance building becomes available at Alliance XP Level 3.

Alliance Towers

With the Alliance Towers you can increase the alliance territory. Alliance Towers, like any other building, need to be placed within the Alliance Territory (marked by either the Fortress or another Tower), and will result in an increase in area around the Tower.

When an Alliance Tower is destroyed all Alliance Buildings that are no longer located in the Alliance Territory as a result of this destruction will also be destroyed.

The four Alliance Towers become available at Alliance XP Levels 5, 7, 9, and 11.

Alliance Resource Buildings

An Alliance Resource Building allows for a faster way of gathering a resource.

These Alliance Resource Buildings contain huge amount of resources and it typically takes even large alliance more than a week to deplete it.

There is no limit on the number of alliance members that can gather resources in these buildings simultaneously.

You can only have one of these buildings at the same time. Typically alliances rotate the resource buildings they have, sometimes via a poll with their members which Alliance Resource Buildings they want next.

Alliance Resource Buildings cannot be attacked which make them a good place to hide troops. You can even setup your Dragon Skills (e.g. not increase gathering speed of the resource in the alliance resource building, but increase the march capacity and troop load), so that you can store as many troops as possible for as long a time as possible.

Via the View Details menu item when selecting an Alliance Resource Building you can find the remaining resources, your gathering speed and gathered resources, and a list of all players currently gathering in the Alliance Resource Building. There is also a possibility to destroy the building, which is sometimes used in case the alliance wants to replace the building with another resource before it is depleted.

Communal Gathering Alliance Tech Increases the Resource Gathering Speed in Alliance Resource Buildings.

The Alliance Farm and Lumberyard become available at Alliance XP Level 4, the Alliance Iron Mine at Level 6 and the Alliance Silver Mine at Level 8.

Alliance Warehouse

In the Alliance Warehouse each player has its own storage capacity for storing resources. The amount of resources that a player can store is restricted by a daily limit and a total capacity limit.

There are no restrictions on the amount of resources that can be retrieved (besides the obvious one that you cannot retrieve more than you have put in).

The Alliance Warehouse is a great way to gradually save up some resources over several days to be retrieved once you need them for a major building upgrade or research project, although when your account is larger and resource requirements become huge, the amount you can store in the Alliance Warehouse is relatively very small.

Via the View Detais menu item when selecting the Alliance Warehouse you see the total amount of resources stored and lords storing resources, as well as details of every lord storing resources.

If you leave the alliance, or if an Alliance Warehouse is destroyed, you will receive all the resources you stored in the Alliance Warehouse.

The Daily Load Alliance Tech increases the Daily Alliance Warehouse Limit.

Alliance Safekeeping increases the total amount of resources a player can store in the Alliance Warehouse.

This alliance building becomes available at Alliance XP Level 6.

Alliance Hospital

In the Alliance Hospital each player has its own capacity for wounded troops. When troops are wounded and your city hospital capacity is already full the troops will go to the Alliance Hospital instead.

To heal troops in the alliance hospital you require Alliance Honor points. You don't know when your troops are going to end up in the Alliance Hospital and when they do you might want to get them out quickly, so it is best to keep some Alliance Honor.

Via the View Detais menu item when selecting the Alliance Hospital you see the total amount of wounded troops and lords having wounded troops in the alliance hospital, as well as details of every lord's wounded troops.

When you leave an alliance, or when an Alliance Hospital is destroyed, any wounded troops in the Alliance Hospital will die.

Stretcher Bearers Alliance Tech increases a player's capacity in the Alliance Hospital.

Healing Resources decreases the healing cost for healing troops in the Alliance Hospital.

Troop Treatment increases the healing speed for healing troops in the Alliance Hospital.

This alliance building becomes available at Alliance XP Level 7.

Underworld Gates

We have a special guide on the Underworld Challenge Event explaining the Underworld Gates in detail.

This alliance building becomes available at Alliance XP Level 6.

Strategy Center

The Strategy Center provides a number of strategies that can help the alliance in Attack, Defense, or Development. I plan to write a separate guide to describe the various strategies in more detail. One of the most often used strategies is Alliance Shielding which provides a four hour shield to all alliance members. Great for when your hive is under attack by one or more bullies.

Any of the members can use their Gunpowder (one of the prizes from the Underworld Challenge Event) to increase the strategy points. However the Make Offering option can only be done when the Gunpowder Limit is 98 or lower. Any offering of one Gunpowder will result in an increase of 2 points of the Strategy Points bar and the Gunpowder Limit bar.

The Battle Strategies Alliance Tech unlocks the 3 extra levels of strategies that are available.

This alliance building becomes available at Alliance XP Level 10.

Hall of Heroes

We have a separate guide on the Hall of Heroes building.

This alliance building becomes available at Alliance XP Level 10.

Relevant General Alliance Building Alliance Tech

The Alliance Hammer Alliance Tech increases the Alliance Building Construction Speed.

Buiding Resistance decreases the speed with which enemies destroy your Alliance Buildings.

When it comes to Alliance Tech in my experience, except early on, you will find that in a medium to large alliance the available time will be the restricting factor and in my opinion these two projects don't add much value to the alliance because they are only beneficial in situations that don't occur frequently, so I suggest to not research these early on.

Placing Alliance Buildings

I suggest a setup of the alliance hive where the fortress is in the middle with the 4 alliance towers in each corner of the fortress area. In addition I suggest to place all alliance buildings in the initial area of the Alliance Fortress. This has as benefit that the buildings will be easily accessible for all members, and it will be harder for enemies to destroy part of your hive.

Not all hives are setup in such a clear way and it can even be hard to locate your own alliance buildings on the Kingdom map. If this is the case you can use the Territory item in the Alliance menu to locate any of your Alliance Buildings.

Ultimate Alliance Campaign

During the Ultimate Alliance Campaign the Fortress, Strategy Center and Towers will be vulnerable for attacks, some alliance opt to have some or all of these buildings (temporarily) grouped together so that they are easier to defend.


I hope this gives you some idea of the function and importance of the Alliance Buildings. If you have any questions or tips, please share them in the comments.

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