Guns of Glory was extended with the Kingdom Threat event. This guide explains how the event works.

Guns of Glory Kingdom Threat

07/28/2018 - -

Specializing my account for kingdom threat event by resetting airship abilities, resetting talent points, using boosts and customizing march setup.

How the Kingdom Threat Event Works

Each week on Saturday a Wolf Lord will be summoned in the kingdom. All players in the kingdom should work together to kill the Wolf Lord.

Killing the Wold Lord

Each time you hit the Wolf Lord, you do a certain amount of damage and based on this damage you get damage rewards. At the end of the 24h period it is determined whether enough damage was done to kill the Wolf Lord and everyone will be updated by e-mail.

The attacks are done by solo attack (not rally), and there is a maximum of 10 hits for each player.

From the Event Center you can start an attack on the Wolf Lord, and here you can also find the information about your position in the damage ranking.

Strategy for doing Most Damage

I have not done a lot of testing on this, so if others can share thoughts and experience it is much appreciated.

Normally it is good to use a mix of all available tiers and troop types. I do only not use the Cannon Artillery troops (I do use the Mortars Artiller), because they are very slow and incremental damage is low. I have mostly Distance and Cavalry, roughly the same, and more of the higher tiers. 1000 Infantry of each type, and 4000 Tier 7 artillery and lower amounts for the lower tier mortars artillery.

I have not boosted my march size, but understand the higher the march size the more damage,

Also understand the use of Attack boosts can help.

For Airship Abilities I do use Distance, Cavalry and Artillery Rage. I have noticed these have a positive effect, and understand some players reassign all their assault points to these Airship Abilities before participating in the Kingdom Threat Event.


There are three different ways to get rewards from this event.

Each attack will get you damage rewards. This can go up to 890 x 500 Lord EXP per hit.

If the Wolf Lord is defeated you get an extra reward of 5 Aristocrat Keys.

If the Wolf Lord is defeated there will be a special auction in the Auction House. The proceedings of this auction will be distributed amongst the players who have done most damage. It is not clear which rank you need to achieve to get gold.


It is a nice extra event and to some extend stimulates some collaboration between players in the kingdom. Lord EXP rewards are nice.

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