Guard Grade Type
Anne Dieu-Le-Veut Gold Defender
Benoit Master Captain of the Guard
Bernajoux Advanced Captain
Blaise Pascal Apprentice Innovator
Blanchet Master Strategist
Brisemont Advanced Quartermaster
Captain Treville Master Military Advisor
Chancellor Seguier Apprentice Captain of the Guard
Colonel Essarts Master Defender
Constance Master Captain of the Guard
Count of Wardes Advanced Captain of the Guard
Count Rochefort Gold Captain
D'Artagnan Gold Captain
Dominique Master Quartermaster
Dr Van Der Beek Advanced Innovator
Duke of Buckingham Master Quartermaster
Elena Master Captain of the Guard
Executioner of Lille Advanced Defender
Galileo Galilei Master Innovator
Gaston of Orleans Gold Strategist
General Dumas Master Defender
Grimaud Master Quartermaster
Gustavus Adolphus Master Captain
Henry II of Montmorency Gold Aide
Hua Mulan Master Military Advisor
Ines Suarez Gold Innovator
Jacob Van Helsing Gold Innovator
John Felton Apprentice Aide
Jules Mazarin Master Strategist
Jussac Master Captain
Kitty Master Defender
La Maupin Gold Quartermaster
Lady Silver Apprentice Quartermaster
Lord of the Caribou Gold Quartermaster
Lord Winter Apprentice Strategist
Lucien Gold Captain of the Guard
Madame Brutal Apprentice Defender
Madame Chevreuse Apprentice Military Advisor
Madame Lannoy Advanced Strategist
Maurice of Orange Apprentice Captain
Milady de Winter Gold Military Advisor
Mousqueton Advanced Aide
Oliver Cromwell Master Military Advisor
Planchet Master Aide
Prince Arabah Gold Military Advisor
Rene Descartes Master Military Advisor
Thomas Blood Master Captain of the Guard
Thomas Hobbes Advanced Military Advisor
Toyotomi Hideyoshi Master Strategist
Turenne Advanced Quartermaster
Voltaire Master Innovator
Yi Sun-sin Master Defender

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