The Basics

Match up at least 3 tiles in this swap and match game. If you match more than 3 tiles special tiles will appear that help you complete the goal of a level faster. The in-game credits you earn by completing levels can be used to improve your home.

Home Design Makeover - Tutorial and Review

03/17/2021 - -

Tutorial and Review of the puzzle game Home Design Makeover.


The first couple of levels are very easy, but afterwards they offer a serious challenge.


New gameconcepts are introduced in the tile swap and match game, which makes sure it doesn't get boring. Compared to similar games the tiles become more valuable after completing combinations, so that you can complete levels faster by matching higher value tiles.


The visuals of the tile swap game and the home design stories all look great.

Free vs Paid

Fully functional for non spenders without any ads. You can purchase in game currency (gems) and boosters that help you complete levels.

Is It Any Good?

I give Home Design Makeover 8 out of 10 stars. The slightly different tile swap and match game makes for an interesting alternative.

Gaming Studio Storm8 Studios
Subcategories Match 3, Swap and Match
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Reviewed on Mar 4, 2021

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