Title Review Date Video Rating Summary
Candy Crush Saga Nov 18, 2020 Yes 10 Addictive tile swap and match game that has it all.
Match Triple 3D Mar 3, 2021 Yes 7 The concept stands out and is well done, but when a game developer decides to interrupt single levels multiple times to show ads, is it still a free game?
Project Makeover Mar 4, 2021 Yes 8 Great tile swap and match game! Wait, isn't this just Candy Crust with a makeover theme?
Gardenscapes Mar 4, 2021 Yes 9 This tile swap and match game is just different enough from Candy Crush to make it a great variation.
Home Design Makeover Mar 4, 2021 Yes 8 The slightly different tile swap and match game makes for an interesting alternative.
EverMerge Mar 5, 2021 Yes 8 Original, well made match and merge game, but lacks focus on one target.
Fishdom Mar 6, 2021 Yes 8 Another well-made tile swap and match game. Play this one if you like decorating an aquarium.
Small Town Murders: Match 3 Mar 8, 2021 Yes 9 Completing Swap and Match 3 levels to uncover clues works amazingly well.
Ice Cream Challenge Mar 17, 2021 Yes 7 Nice, but lacking an original twist on the Match 3 genre that most games have.
Royal Match Mar 23, 2021 Yes 8 Another high quality Swap and Match 3 game.
Homescapes Mar 26, 2021 Yes 8 Probably because I played gardenscapes first, this one feels less orginal.
Farm Heroes Super Saga Mar 30, 2021 Yes 8 Different enough to be another hit by the people who brought us Candy Crush Saga.
Merge Gardens Apr 5, 2021 Yes 7 This mix of two different games looks great, but just doesn't work for me.
Match Master 3D Apr 6, 2021 No 7 Seems almost identical to Match Tripple 3D.
Bubbles Empire Champions Apr 6, 2021 Yes 7 Doesn't deliver on the large potential.
Bunny Pop Apr 20, 2021 Yes 7 Fun, well made, but too simple.
Disney Princess Majestic Quest Apr 20, 2021 Yes 7 Storyline not engaging, just takes a long time to load and click through.
Clockmaker: Match 3 Games Apr 20, 2021 Yes 8 The different style makes this Match 3 game stand out from the rest.
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Apr 27, 2021 Yes 8 Great Match 3 game for Harry Potter fans.
Crazy Cake Swap: Matching Game Apr 29, 2021 Yes 9 Nice twist on the Match 3 genre.
Disney Frozen Free Fall May 1, 2021 Yes 8 Great Match 3 game, but I really miss a Skip button.
Wonka's World of Candy May 2, 2021 Yes 8 Another good Match 3 game.
Bubble Genius May 4, 2021 Yes 8 Great bubble shooter.
Tile Fun May 4, 2021 Yes 7 Basic tile matching game.
Match Town Makeover: Design May 13, 2021 Yes 8 Another great Match 3 Swap and Match game.
CookieRun: Puzzle World May 13, 2021 Yes 8 Some small variations on the Match 3 game that makes this another worthwhile addition.
Traffic Puzzle May 18, 2021 Yes 7 Nice variation on Match 3, but too simple.
Gems of War May 19, 2021 Yes 9 This Match 3 game goes far beyong a puzzle game. Great if the RPG elements are your thing.
Matchington Mansion May 30, 2021 Yes 8 Well done Match 3 game.
Match Tiles 3D Jun 3, 2021 Yes 7 Seems like a new version of a game I previously reviewed, rather than a new game.
Tintin Match Jun 6, 2021 Yes 7 I like a challenge, but the levels are getting too hard too fast.
Best Friends Puzzle Adventure Jun 8, 2021 Yes 7 More fun than challenging.
Dice Merge! Puzzle Master Jun 13, 2021 Yes 7 Well done dice merge game.

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