How to get Basic Development Ingot

How Do I Get Basic Development Ingot?

To my knowledge there is no quick and easy way to get this. You need to keep killing monsters and running barbs and each time there is a relatively small (compared to Combat Ingot) chance you get some Basic Development Ingot (for barbs in the standard Barb Chest).

How to get 6 combat heroes

I only have 4 heroes in my combat report, how come others have 6?

Since a while now there are also combat Heroes for the High Constable and Keeper of the Seal. These can be acquired via Master Summoning (available if you ever purchased any pack), and the older ones are also available via the fragments you get from the Kingdom Threat, and can be transferred via the Goods Exchange. In the Hero Council building Summoning Circle menu there is a Hero Gallery button that shows all available heroes.

How to Play King of Avalon on a PC

How Do I Play King of Avalon on a PC?

Bluestacks is a platform that allows you to play King of Avalon (and other Mobile Platform Games) on a PC. Use this link to Play King of Avalon on Bluestacks.

How to unblock someone

I blocked a player, how can I unblock him?

When you click on the chat window, there is a small icon at the left top corner. If you click on this you get a menu with several lists. The bottom lists (Blocked List) contains all players you currently blocked. Here you can remove people from your blocked list by clicking the Removed button next to their name.

Difference between Soul Conversion and Wounded Conversion

What is the difference between Soul Conversion and Wounded Conversion?

Wounded Conversion is a percentage that influences how many of your troops that die in battle end up in your hospitals (assuming you have enough hospital capacity). This is relevant for battles in which your troops actually die, such as when you attack another stronghold or attack or defend Avalon or Avalon Towers (when you for example defend your Stronghold, or are hit on a tile, all your casualties will go hospital anyway). Soul Conversion is a percentage that influences how many of your wounded troops go to the Sanctum once the hospital capacity is full. To make it more confusing for players that play both Guns of Glory and King of Avalon. Wounded Conversion in Guns of Glory is the same as Soul Conversion in King of Avalon, not the same as Wounded Conversion in King of Avalon.

How Many Lucky Shot Coins

How many Lucky Shot Coins do I need to open field n?

The requirements for the Lucky Shot Fields are 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 19, 34, 61 and 110 Lucky Shot Coins, so a total of 246 coins.

What stage of the alliance event is next

What stage of the alliance event is coming next?

The alliance event contains the following stages in order: fortune teller (2d) - upgrade (2d) - monster kill (1d) - troop training (2d)

Resonance Boost for Lord Equipment

How does the resonance boost for Lord Equipment work?

There are two different type of resonance boosts. You have the Set Resonance which provides and extra boost if you have a certain amount of pieces from a set (each piece indicates what boost you get for how many pieces in its details). Next to that you have the Enhancement Resonance Boost, this increases the Set Resonance Boost in case you have a complete set and all pieces are enhanced to a certain level. For example a complete Deathseeker set with all pieces enhanced to level 1 provides a resonance boost of 22.5% Troop Defense, Health and Attack.

Resonance for Dragon Spirit

Why does the Resonance Boost not work for Dragon Spirit Equipment?

I don't know why, but it is intentional that it does not work. I have asked support about it and they indicate the resonance boost only works for certain gold lord gear, not for any dragon spirit equipment.

Dragon Plate or Armor of Fury

Should I craft Dragon Plate or Armor of Fury?

I changed my view here. I favor Armor of Fury now because of all the Damage Received buffs, which I think are very important and relatively rare compared to Attack, Defense and Health buffs. Drawback is that the City Army Defense boost of the Armor of Fury only helps for defending (and has no effect for the Merlin Trials), while all Dragon Plate boosts help for attack and defense.

All Buildings at Same Level

Should I level up all my buildings to my stronghold level before upgrading, or push my stronghold first to a high level?

This is a personal choice, both have drawbacks and benefits. The drawbacks of leveling up your Stronghold very high first is that you start to benefit from all kind of other benefits later (e.g. increased production rates from higher level resource buildings, increase production and gathering rates from higher level research) that could actually making upgrading Stronghold levels easier. Besides that the gold event targets seem to be linked to your Stronghold level and by letting your stronghold be too far ahead of your other buildings it becomes more and more difficult to score gold in the various stages. On the other hand, leveling up your Stronghold gives you the great benefit of the extra March capacity, and allows you to upgrade very specific buildings (typically the troop training buildings to unlock new tier troops). I tend to go for a middle ground, select certain levels to which I try to upgrade all my buildings. I start with lvl 16, which unlocks tier 6 troops. After that I jump to lvl 20, because Academy 20 allows me to unlock an extra march slot (and 19 gives tier 7 troops). Than to 22, 26 and finally 30.

Upgrading Prowess or Stars of Hero

How can I upgrade the Prowess or Stars of one of my Heroes?

For this you need two things, the required EXP level (top bar when you select a Hero in the Hero Roster) and the required number of hero fragments (bottom bar). For example to increase to two Stars you need EXP level 10 and 40 Hero fragments. The EXP you get for killing monsters in addition to having a chance at EXP when summoning heroes. The fragments you can get when you summon heroes, for example when you already have the hero that you get, in that case you get some fragments instead.

Increase March Size

How can I increase my March Size/Capacity?

You can increase your March Capacity via upgrade of Stronghold, research projects in Combat, talent point assignment in War category, and the Dragon Skill March of Fury. There are always some items with which you can temporarily increase it.

Best Dragon Spirit Specialization

Which Dragon Spirit Specialization is best? Berserker, Knight, Mage?

Once you have unlocked the first talent Knight will get you further in the Labyrinth, while Mage will do better in PvP battles (in Labyrinth and Arena).

Strength in Magic Spire

What determines my strength in the Magic Spire?

All combat related boosts/buffs are relevant, including your march capacity. Be sure to develop your account in all areas (e.g. equipment, gemstones, heroes, research, dragon).

Vicious and Pure Dragon Characters

When would I use the Vicious and Pure Dragon Characters?

These are there more for a historic reason when initally the character depended on the Assault and Guardian points assigned and you could not just change it at will. Now that you can just select the class you would either go for the middle one or one of the two extremes, but not for Vicious or Pure.

4th and 5th March Slot

How do I unlock the 4th and/or 5th March Slot?

There is a March Slot III project available further in the Combat Tree which can be researched once your university reaches level 20. Another March Slot becomes available when your VIP reaches 8 (and you have your VIP active).

How to remove unusable items from inventory

How can I get rid of unusable items in my inventory like the Valentines Chocolates and Christmas Map Fragments?

Unfortunately there is no way at the moment. Not sure why the game makers don't just build in some default to exchange unusable items for some 1k food and wood items (they did something similar once, but that turned out to be only one time). As it stands you just have to accept it stays there and who knows, maybe the events will be back after a year and you are still playing and you can use them again.

How to get scrolls for orange gear

How can I get scrolls for the orange equipment?

There is no easy free way. When you keep killing higher level monsters grade 5 scroll fragments can drop, which can result in orange scrolls when you synthesize them. For the rest it is a matter of keeping your eyes open to get orange scroll fragments from special events etc. Before forking out a lot of gold (or money) to purchase an orange design be aware that it also costs a lot to craft (material and steel cost).

Which troops are best against traps

Where can I find information on what troops do best against specific traps at a castle we are attacking?

Only one of the siege type, Distance Siege, have an increased attack against traps. Having the other type, Towers and Rams, in your troop composition can help absorbing damage from any of the traps. There is no difference for the trap type. The different traps each are stronger against different troops. Information about that can be found in your Trap Factory building. Often it is better to just focus on troops, as there are way more troops than traps in defending parties.

How to enlarge alliance storehouse capacity

How can we enlarge the capacity of our alliance storehouse?

There are Alliance Safekeeping projects in the Alliance Tech that increase the Alliance Storehouse Total Capacity. There are also Daily Load Alliance Tech projects that increase the amount of resources one can transfer to the Alliance Storehouse each day.

How to find opponent coordinates

How can I find the coordinates of another alliance in my kingdom?

There is no certain way to find coordinates of alliances that do not want to be found, except for just looking through the complete map. If you don't mind other people knowing that you are looking you can ask in kingdom chat if anyone knows, often alliances have enemies that know where they are. If you find people from the alliance not in their hive, you might keep an eye on them, they might still join rallies, exchange resources etc and you can track from footsteps.

What stage of the gold event is next

What stage of the gold event is coming next?

The gold event contains the following stages in order: gathering (1d) - upgrade (1d) - monster kill (1d) - troop training (1d) - kill (3d)

How can I prevent my resources from being taken

How can I prevent enemy attacks take so much of my resources?

The trick is to keep your resources safe as much as possible. Only unsafe resources (above Storehouse capacity) and unharvested resources can be taken. Do not open resources items/claim quests/open donation rewards until you are ready to use the resources.

Can my gold be taken or looted by enemy attackers

When I am attacked, can I lose my gold?

Gold cannot be taken from you. Only the food, wood, iron and silver resources can be taken.

How to get Prestige Banners

How can I get more Prestige Banners?

Prestige Banners are very important to boost the combat stats of your accounts by increasing the Prestige Levels of your city buildings. Besides buying them from packs, you can get these prestige banners by participating in slaying the Portal Monster, as rewards for the Fallen Knights event, by farming on kingdom resource tiles, and via rewards of the Alliance Conquest event. Pay attention to new events and features that are introduced, as there might be more ways to get these Prestige Banners.

Very large armies to construct, garrison farm alliance buildings

Sometimes I see people using very large armies to construct, garrison or farm alliance buildings, a lot larger than their march capacity. How is this possible?

For construction and garrison of alliance buildings it is possible to send more armies than your march capacity. You can click on the alliance buildings, look at the details, and use the send more troops button to send additional troops. The troops you send to construct an alliance resource building will start gathering once construction is complete, so by using a very large amount of armies to construct, you alsohave a very large amount of armies to gather. When timed well, this can be used to start off the gathering stage of the gold event with a lot of points.

Construct alliance buildings faster

How come it takes so long to construct our Alliance Buildings?

The speed with which alliance buildings are constructed is influenced by the amount of troops and the average tier of troops that are used to construct. There are also several alliance research projects that influence the alliance building construction speed. The amount of troops that can be used to construct a building are influenced by the Hall of War level of the first player to construct the building. Make sure this is a player with high level Hall of War. If there are enough troops available, you can ask people to only use higher tier troops to construct.

Amount troops to Garrison a building

What influences the amount of troops that can be garrisoned in a building?

This is determined by the Hall of War level of the first player to Garrison the building. Make sure this is your largest player (also combat boosts are influenced) for the maximum number of troops.

Removing a gemstone

Is it possible to remove a gemstone once attached to equipment?

Yes, in this game it is relatively cheap to do so. You can select the equipment in your Armory and select the attached gemstone, there will be an option to remove it for 20g. Note that when disassembling a piece of equipment the gemstones will also be removed automatically, without paying gold.

How to rename alliance

How can I rename my alliance?

Renaming an alliance can only be done by the lader/r5. It can be done from the alliance manage menu and costs an increasing amount of gold depending on how often it has been renamed. It starts with 200g.

How to increase alliance level

How can I increase the XP level of my alliance?

Increasing the XP level of your alliance is important as it will unlock new alliance research categories and new alliance buildings. Increasing the XP level is done via increasing the XP, which is done by members donating to alliance projects. Starting or completing alliance research projects does not increase the Alliance XP.

What is my kingdom

What is my kingdom?

When going to the kingdom map and using the magnifying glass a small window is opened that shows the kingdom (and the coordinates of the current location).

What are my coordinates

What are my coordinates?

When going to the kingdom map and clicking on your Stronghold, you see the coordinates below the Stronghold menu.

Fortress Boosts

My stronghold is on the border of the alliance area, do I get the Alliance Fortress boosts?

You can see whether the Fortress Boosts apply by going to your Stronghold and looking at the City menu. E.g. for the Food Production you should see a Fortress Bonus of 18 percent if the Fortress Boosts apply. If not you are likely too far outside of the alliance border.

Sharing Reports

How can I share battle/scout reports with my alliance members?

When you open a battle or scout report in your mail there are three action buttons on the right (easy to miss, because they seem inactive). With the top one you can share the report.

Hiding Troops in a Rally

Are troops in a rally safe from attack?

Yes, troops in a rally cannot be attacked. They are also not defending and will not be spotted by scouts. Putting troops in a rally can be used as a defensive tactic and it can also be used to mislead enemies into attacking you, after which you cancel the rally shortly before the attacking troops arrive.

Leader not Active

Can I remove our non active alliance leader?

The r4 can remove a leader that is not active anymore for a fee of 1000 gold. This can be done via the Alliance - Manage menu, which will show an Apply for Leadership option when the leader is inactive.

Higher Level Resource Tiles

Where do I find higher level resource tiles?

Resource tiles can be between levels 1 and 7 and the higher the level the more resources they contain (gathering rate is the same). The lower levels are on the outside of the map, the highest levels can be found around the center (with 640:1282 being the center of the map).

Terminating an Alliance

How do I terminate an Alliance?

Kick all players after which as r5 in the manage menu you can terminate the alliance.

Barbarian Wood or Food

Is it random whether I get food or wood from a Barbarian Camp rally?

No, this is not random. The Victory Loot is always food, but the Damage Loot can be wood or food. When selecting an opponent you can click on the arrow at the left. The first resource indicates whether the Damage Loot if Wood or Food (the second resource is always Food, indicating the Victory Loot is Food).

Higher Level Barbarian Camps

How come I cannot find any Barbarian Camps higher than level n?

This is likely happening in a relatively new kingdom. The new barbarian camp levels are just gradually added, once every couple of days a new level.

Higher Level Monsters

How come I cannot find any monsters higher than level n?

This is likely happening in a relatively new kingdom. The new monster levels are just gradually added, once every couple of days a new level.

March of Fury not Working

It seems my March of Fury is not working, I upgrade it by March Capacity stays the same. What did I do wrong?

Most common mistake here is that players do not realize they need to assign the Dragon Skill to each activity they want to extend the March Capacity in the Dragon Lair. This can be done (via Dragon Skills - Assign Skills) for the Attack, Gathering and Monster categories. So if you just assign it to Attack and not to Monster and you attack a Monster or Barbarian Camp, your March of Fury increase will not be used.

Portal Event Rewards

Who receives the rewards of beating the Portal Monster?

There are different rewards. The Victory Rewards are received by anyone in the alliance that has either donated Portal Dust or dealt any damage by participating in one of the rallies on the Portal Monster (and these rewards are the same for all players). The Damage Rewards are only received by the top 20 players ranked on damage dealt in the Portal rallies (and depend on the rank).

Dragon Exposure

Can my Dragon die or be captured?

No, your Dragon cannot die or be captured. Even if you lose all troops when attacking or defending the Dragon remains available.

Lord Exposure

Can my Lord die or be captured?

No, your Lord cannot die or be captured. Note that the Lord also is not assigned to a specific March (unlike some other games) and benefits from the Lord benefit all marches automatically.

Gathering Troop Type

From a gathering rate point of view, is there any difference on which troops to use (for different resource types)?

No, the gathering rate is the same for each troop type. Troop load and marching speed are different, which can play a role when deciding which troops to use for gathering.

7th Rally Slot

How to unlock the 7th rally slot for Barbarian or Portal Event?

This is not possible. The alliance research to unlock extra rally slots only affects rallies against other players, not against computer opposition.

Advanced Teleport

How do I get an Advanced Teleport

You can purchase these in the alliance store for 200k Alliance Honor, they are regurly available in packs (that typically also provide an advanced teleport for all your alliance members), and they can occassionally be purchased for a discounted amount (1200 gold) at the Market Stall. Although you cannot purchase Advanced Teleports from the Items Store, you can simple click on a location on the map and pay 2000 gold to teleport.

Barbarian Keys

How can I get Barbarian Keys

By completing the Daily Rewards you can get up to 3 Barbarian Keys each day. Do not forget to claim the rewards.

Move Building

How can I move one of my buildings?

When your Stronghold is not upgrading there is a Move Building button available at the left borrom on the Info tab of the Stronghold. This allows you to select two locations between which you can move buildings for 200 gold.

Stronghold Upgrade Requirements

What are the requirements (prerequisites, resources) to upgrade my stronghold to level n?

These requirements can all be found on the Stronghold details page.

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