Tips for Non Spenders on how to get Celestial Badges in King of Avalon

King of Avalon Getting Celestial Badges for Non Spenders

05/01/2023 - -

Tips for non spenders on how to get Celestial Badges in King of Avalon.

Why Focus on Celestial Badges

Celestial Badges are the main restricting factor to upgrade your Stronghold and troop training buildings above lvl 45 and unlock t14 troops. For non spenders getting t14 troops is much more important than getting better stats, because with stats you can never compete with (big) spenders, but once you have unlocked t14 troops you are just as valuable for the kingdom (or for your alliance) filling a mega rally or garrison as any spender would be. It allows you to stay relevant. When I have a choice in rewards, I always opt for Celestial badges.

Kingdom vs Kingdom

The main event to pay attention to is kingdom vs kingdom or Invasion Season as it is officially called these days. There are various ways to get celestials by participating.

By scoring points during the event, you can get individual rewards. Depending on how well your kingdom has done in the season, this can provide you between 12 (Rank D) and 41 (Rank S) celestials.

When your kingdom hold on to their own Avalon it gets packs that can be distributed. As a non spender you are unlikely elligible for the large or medium size packs, but in most kingdoms you are likely to get a warrior pack if you score enough points and contribute to the overall win. In case your kingdom occupies multiple Avalons, also multiple packs can be handed out to each player. The Warrior pack contains 30 celestials.

By occupying buildings you accumulate points that determine how many rewards you get at the end of the season. A season can take 8 rounds, so lasts 16 weeks, so this is a long wait, but just make sure you occupy Avalon or towers whenever you can and you get some nice bonus celestials when the season is over.

Lost Dragon Cave

From Monday to Thursday each week you can win one celestial by winning the Phantom Isles event one time. 4 a week is not a huge amount, but all small bits help.

Lucky Wish

Each weekend you can select a reward from the Lucky Wish. One Celestial Badge is a possible reward. It is only 1 a week, but you hardly have to do anything for it.

Irregular or rare Events

Above events are regular and very frequent. There are also events that are less regular which can help you with celestials. In general, always have a look at any event showing up and see whether as reward (possibly via a shop) you can get celestials.

The last Alliance Feast gave an option to get 9 Celestial Badges a day. It did cost some speed ups and gold, but in my eyes it was a small price to pay.

There are different events in which you can select rewards and after that for a couple of days you can get a free chance on the selected rewards. Alway chose celestial badges.

Not sure whether Fae Realm will come back but that offered a way to get quite some celestials during its first appearance.

Possible Future Ways to get Celestials

Looking ahead based on the introduction of Royal Badges we can make a best guess how celestials can be acquired in the future and already prepare for this. As a general tactic I always try to accumulate lots of stuff so that I am in general well prepared, but specific you can take the following into consideration.

Noble Chests. When the Noble Chest lvl 6 was introduced we got royal badges from it. It could be that sometime in the future Monsters and Barbarians lvl 46-50 are introduced which could drop Noble Chests lvl 7 which could give Celestial Badges. Reason for me to start saving up the Noble keys.

Not something to prepare for necessarily, but keep an eye on the Spire Loot. Hopefully someday next to the Royal Badge (or instead of the Royal Badge) you can purchase one or more Celestial Badges from it.

Also not something to prepare for, but I would not be too surprised if sometime in the near future the shop event (every 4 weeks) will start offering some Celestial Badges in the shop.

Things I don't prepare for

Few things I am not preparing for is the possibility of a hero being introduced that will give a reduction on the celestial requirements (like Cillian did for royals) and items being introduced in the shop event that give a discount. Preparing for that possibility would mean stocking up on Celestials instead of using them to upgrade buildings. It might be a smart move to do so, but would likely mean many many months without progress for a chance to reach t14 faster, I don't have the patience.

Did I forget any ways to Celestial Badges? Let me know!

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