Once you have forged and enhanced orange (Savage, Heroic or Warlock) Dragon Spirit equipment, you likely still get stuck at floors 50-54 in the Forbidden Labyrinth. This guide provides some tips how to get further and start collecting the gold scrolls.

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Gold Equipment

The new (version 3.4) Fierce, Justice, Magus Dragon Spirit equipment gives another big improvement over orange equipment. Based on the patterns we see orange equipment should be roughly equivalent to orange equipment enhanced to level 10.

The benefit of being able to use the orange equipment is that you can forge an equipment piece using between 350 and 500 for each of the materials, which is much less than enhancing orange to level 10. In addition to enhance gold to level 1 is much cheaper than enhancing orange to level 11. So being able to start collecting gold equipment scrolls and being able to wear the gold equipment is going to be another huge jump in the strength of your Dragon Spirit.

Collecting As Fast As Much As Possible

The biggest challenge will be to get to Dragon Spirit lvl 45, if you are not a spender this will go very slow, as the requirements for each Dragon Spirit EXP level are increasing while you don't really collect Dragon Spirit EXP faster.

Because of this challenge, I suggest to focus on collecting Dragon Spirit EXP items in the labyrinth as much as possible, and besides scrolls and the special items you get from the pvp encounters, leave the rest.

My advise is the same as with the orange guide, being able to carry a lot in the Forbidden Labyrinth, and doing a lot of Forbidden Labyrinth runs are key in collecting the Dragon Spirit EXP fast.

There are three ways to increase the labyrinth cooldown timer. Once your Dragon Spirit reaches lvl 30, you get 15% from the Spirit Skill Labyrinth Vigor (starting from lvl 23 you get a lower percentage already), at VIP level 5 you get 5% (make sure you have your VIP on when entering the labyrinth, if you don't have it on permanently already) and from the Labyrinth Cooldown research in the Dragon Spirit tree you can get a maximum of 20%. I have researched the Labyrinth Cooldown to lvl 13. I now have little over 1 day and 8 hours cooldown timer. This works well for me, I can do 3 labyrinth runs every 4 days. I normally rank at the bottom of the top 10 each week and use the 3 hour cooldown timer speedup I get as reward to compensate the extra time I need, so that I basically stay in the same schedule.

The Satchel Capacity can be increased in 4 different ways. Once your Dragon Spirit reaches lvl 10, you get 250 from the Spirit Skill Satchel Storage (at lvl 9 you first get 225), via VIP you can get a maximum of 250 at lvl 12 (lower amount, at lower VIP levels, make sure you have VIP on permanently), via each of the Dragon Spirit Talent trees you can get 500 via two projects (250 each) (it is a trade-off, but I tend to prefer the extra stuff I can carry over the better combat boosts for my Dragon Spirit, unless it is something that is key for my type of Dragon Spirit), and you can get a total of 450 via the Satchel Capacity research in the Dragon Spirit tree (I am at 20, not sure I will go further, it is quite expensive research time wise for only 15 increase per level). I am VIP 9 and have a total capacity of 1150 at the moment, allowing me to collect 87 x 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP per run, plus some small stuff.

Maxing your Dragon Spirit before Gold

Eventhough getting the Dragon Spirit EXP will be the biggest challenge, you also need to make the most of your Dragon Spirit strength so that you can start collecting better scrolls faster and rank better in the weekly labyrinth ranking. It is also useful to perform better in the Dragon Spirit Arena, although you won't get any rewards there that directly benefit your Dragon Spirit.

Most of the advise from earlier guides is still the same, but recently I have been experimenting with mixing equipment from different sets. I am still focusing on the Mage type, but recently have experimented with mixing it with some knight gear. As you should already know, there is no set bonus for the Dragon Spirit Equipment, so you do not have any extra benefit from using the same set.

For the Dragon Spirit I see three pieces as absolutely key, these are the Cloack, Torc and Throwing Knives, as these all give you mana recovery. The mana recovery is key for being able to do many magic attacks. Another, the Scepter, is very important as well. It has a very high Fire and Arcane ability, it gives mana, and Spirit Wisdom. This leaves two equipment pieces to potentially experiment with:

When comparing the Warlock Leather Pants and Heroic Leg Plate, I notice that the increased magic attack that the Warlock Leather Pants give (because of the better Spirit Wisdom) is smaller than the Parry Damage the Heroic Leg Plate gives. The other boosts (Strength, Defense, Armor Physique) are all better for the Heroic Leg Plate, which makes me conclude that for the Forbidden Labyrinth the Heroic Leg Plate is the better addition to the mage equipment than the Warlock Leather Pants. For encounters against pvp (in Forbidden Labyrinth and Dragon Spirit Arena) this analysis is not necessarily true, since if you fight against a mage, you don't do any parry damage, but for me those encounters are less important.

For the helmets the choice is more difficult, the Heroic Helm gives you better Strength, Defense, Health and Physique, but you miss out on the 46 Mana from the Warlock Mask. I was running into a situation where I was running out of health before I was running out of mana, eventhough I was using mage attacks whenever it made sense, which makes me want to experiment with using the Heroic Helm instead of the Warlock Mask.

Player vs Player

With version 3.4 the Player vs Player matching up seems to have changed. Previously I think I got more random opponents, which resulting in me winning almost all encounters since I am in the top strength of my kingdom. Now I am very lucky if I can win half of my encounters, as I almost always get higher level opponents.

At floors 25, 30 and 35 the prize for winning a player vs player encounter is 1 intensity crystal (I), at floor 40 it is 2 intensity crystals (I). At floor 45 you get two pvp encounters I got 2 Advanced Skill Fragment Chests and 5 or 6 intensity crsytal (I) items. At floor 50 you also get two pvp encounters, I have received Intensity Crystal (II) items there.

Leaderboard Prizes

Each week the top 10 players get leaderboard prizes and these are really helpful in growing further. Amongst other non Dragon Spirit related prizes you can get a Labyrinth Cooldown item (instant cooldown for top 3, fixed hours for rest) and Dragon EXP items.

The top 10 is determined first by the highest floor that was reached and second by the earliest in the week someone reached that floor. If you are in a kingdom where you are part of a group of players that for example plays until floors 45 or 46 it is important you reach your top floor as soon as possible. To achieve this you can with your last labyrinth run that starts before the weekly reset already play until one floor below your max before the weekly reset and reach your top floor shortly after the reset, making sure you are the first one.

I am not very focused on the ranking. Some players like to start at the highest possible floor as early as possible after the weekly reset. I feel that if that gives you for example rank 1 instead of rank 10, it is a good deal, but if you just do it to get one or two ranks higher than you normally would, you likely lose more because you have not collected full satchel capacity, than you benefit from ranking higher.

Other ways to get Materials, Dragon Spirit EXP, Scrolls

See the Advanced guide, tips have not changed.

Typical Labyrinth Run

I set a timer to be updated when my labyrinth cooldown timer is finished. I always enter the labyrinth as soon as possible, so the new cooldown timer starts.

These days I always have my VIP active because of non Dragon Spirit related benefits. You should have it active as well.

Typically I start at lvl 21 (eventhough I can start at 31, 41 or 51. I can probably start with 31 and collect enough as well), because I want to go through plenty of levels to collect many 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP items.

I have lots of stamina now. You need maximum 15 per level. I tend to do floors until 40 as fast as possible, since I only do them for the possibility of 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP items at the floor exit, and afterwards I epxlore all rooms because from floor 41 onwards 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP items drop at random rooms and from 45 onwards the orange scrolls drop.

I focus on exploring floors fully until the end, I do not focus on getting as high as possible.


Hopefully this will help you get to floor 55+, so that you can start collecting those gold scrolls, and it will help you get the necessary Dragon Spirit EXP items fast (although a rough estimate has me taking 150 days before I go from my current Dragon Spirit level 37 to 45). Questions, comments and other tips are most welcome.

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