Since I wrote my Dragon Spirit Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Guides many game concepts changed or evolved, making not all information relevant anymore. In this guide I provide updated information per May 2018.

Dragon Spirit Beginner Guide

The Dragon Spirit Beginner Guide is still a good way to get a basic understanding of the Dragon Spirit and the Forbidden Labyrinth. If you are completely new to these concepts, read it first.

Why Focus on Dragon Spirit

The Dragon Spirit itself is not directly providing any benefits for you for your main account, so why put focus on this concept? Initially when it was introduced, the benefit was very limited, but now there are quite a lot of benefits, and some very important, so I recommend everyone to focus on the Dragon Spirit, even for secondary accounts. I describe the benefits below.

You can buy resource items for the coins you gather in the labyrinth. This can get you quite large silver, iron, wood and food amounts daily. All in items, so safe from attacks.

You can purchase the recenly released Emblems for the coins. You can purchase full Emblems for the lowest two types, and Fragments for the 3rd, the Radiant Emblems.

Although only minor, you can get some combat benefits from the Dragon Spirit Skills that are unlocked when leveling up your Dragon Spirit, and by assigning talent points.

Anyone can benefit from the above three, players with a strong Dragon Spirit can also benefit from the below.

The weekly ranking in the Forbidden Labyrinth gives some Dragon EXP and Intensity Crystals.

The Dragon Spirit Arena gives quite nice ranking rewards for top 2000 (Gold, Advanced Dragon Skill Fragments, and Dragon Pendants), and for the Top 100 even nicer rewards that you can select from a pool with possibilities such as high level Emblem fragments, high level equipment scrolls, purple Hero fragments, Gallantry Stone.

Player vs Player encounters in the Labyrinth can give Intensity Crystals, Advanced Dragon Skill Fragments and Dragon Pendants.

If you can score enough points in the Dragon Spirit Arena you also get rewards for reaching certain point milestones, including some gold and some basic items.

This should provide enough reason, but also realize more might be added. Just like recently the Emblems were added to the Undead Trader store and it is a pity to miss out because you never developed your Dragon Spirit.

Setting Your Goal

When you start with the Dragon Spirit it is good to set a goal. Especially if you are not a big spender, it will be difficult to get into the top 2000 in the Dragon Spirit Arena, might even be difficult to get in the top 10 of your kingdom, depending on how many big spenders there are. Keep spending all the coins you collect on developing your Dragon Spirit further while that might never give you significant extra rewards, might not be the best way to go.

I suggest for non/small spenders you develop your Dragon Spirit until you can start collecting (I will describe what you need to do for that below). This way you can benefit a lot from the items available in the Undead Trader shop.

If you are a big spender, or if you are lucky enough to be in a kingdom with no big spenders, or none that focus on the Dragon Spirit, you might chose to develop your Dragon Spirit further so that you can keep benefiting from the weekly Labyrinth rewards and potentially from the Dragon Spirit Arena ranking rewards. Just keep in mind whether what you are getting extra in rewards is really worth it to keep spending all your coins on Dragon Spirit Development. A consideration here might be as well that enhancing your Dragon Spirit gear will also require quite some steel, which you might need for your Lord gear.


To be able to start collecting goodies in an optimal way from the Dragon Spirit you can best make sure you reach the following milestones first.

Get your Dragon Spirit to EXP level 44. Level 44 will provide you with enough talent points to maximize Satchel Capacity I and II in one tree (my favorite, Knight) and Satchel Capacity I in the two other trees. You don't need to focus all your coins on getting EXP right away, but do focus on getting to EXP level 29/30 fast, as it will give you 150 STamina points which are very useful to collect many coins fast.

VIP 9 is very important, because it unlocks the Advance Plunder, allowing you to plunder many floors at the same time. Getting to even higher VIP levels is nice, as each level will increase the Satchel Capacity.

Make sure you reach floor 55 in the Forbidden Labyrinth (at this moment floor 55 unlocks all items you want in the Undead Trader shop, this might change at some moment, so check on that in the Undead Trader). I don't have a very clear picture at the moment what you need to do to get to Floor 55 without unnecessarily making your Dragon Spirit too strong. Probaly by having a complete unenhanced Heroic set and Attack and Defense Runestones upgrades to level 4 you are already quite a way there. Defense and Attack runestones are a good way to make your Dragon Spirit stronger, so I would focus on getting those to levell 5 first if you are not there yet. If still not, enhance your gear one level.

For research initially it will be good to get some Stamina Potions and Labyrinth Stamina done, as stamina tends to be a limiting factor early on, you might not be able to fill your full capacity with coins because you don't have enough stamina to visit sufficient floors. Once the stamina is no problem anymore, focus on Satchel Capacity and Labyrinth Cooldown. These allow you to carry a lot and go in the Labyrinth often and are very important when you want to buy a lot from the Undead Trader shop.

For gear in this setup I suggest to go for Knight specialization, as it will allow you to get furthers in the Labyrinth.

Keep Improving Dragon Spirit

If you want to keep improving your Dragon Spirit to compete for ranking rewards, you could decide to use all or part of your ancient coins to keep improving your Dragon Spirit.

Depending on what your preference is you could decide to focus on the Knight specialization (better to reach higher floor) or Mage specialization (better for player vs player encounters). In general best to combine gear and talent points with same specializations, although there is no benefit from having complete sets (also not when all enhanced to a certain level), so you can experiment a bit, and you should just focus on making sure the key stats of gear and talents match up.

When spending coins to improve your Dragon Spirit you basically have choice between Dragon Spirit EXP, Runestones and Enhancing Equipment. For Dragon Spirit EXP and Enhancing Equipment you pay more and more coins while the incremental benefit stays the same, so in general I just suggest you max out all Runestones first.

Buying Emblems and Resources

For the Emblems I suggest to purchase everything you can always, until you have maxed out all slots with Radian Emlbems. After that you can actually still decide to keep purchasing more in the anticipation of ones owning better Emblems, so that you have enough points to update those.

For resources it depends on your needs. I find that at my level I currently need lots of silver to upgrade all my buildings, so I relatively buy more silver. What I do is each day buy the cheapest Silver, Iron, Wood and Food, and the second cheapest Silver.


Above tips should give a brief indication of how to best profit from the Dragon Spirit. If you have any comments or questions, let me know.

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