Enhancing your Lord's equipment can give useful increases to the boosts it provide, for combat (like Siege, Bowmen and Cavalry Attack), economy (like Food and Wood Gathering Speed) and development (like Building and Research Speedup). This guide explains how it works and shares some considerations.

King of Avalon Enhancing Equipment

08/10/2018 - -

How to Enhance Equipment, what are the requirements and benefits.

Explaining the Basics

In the Forge and Spirit Chamber menu's there are Enhance options that allow you to Enhance the gear you have manufactured there. Enhancing provides an increment in the basic boosts of the gear piece you enhance, and if it is part of an official Lord gear set, it will also increase the Set Resonance boosts.


The type of requirements depend on the type of gear. There are three different groups.

The Dragon Spirit Equipment requires for each level a scroll and an increasing amount of steel and basic Dragon Spirit materials.

All Lord Equipment except for Ice Lord and Deathseeker require a scroll for each level and an increasing amount of steel.

Ice Lord and Deathseeker require an increasing amount of Steel and Dragon Essence for each level.

I am trying to collect exact enhance requirement for gear pieces, but without actually enhancing them to higher levels that does not seem to be possible, so if you have any enhance requirements that you are willing to share, it is much appreciated.

Increments in Basic Boosts

Again this is different for the type of equipment. Based on the data I have studied, I see the following:

For the Dragon Spirit equipment the increments are roughly 16% of the basic gear boost. These do not increase for higher levels. There tends to be a small fluctuation, probably due to rounding.

For Lord Equipment except for Ice Lord and Deathseeker you get 5% increases for enhancing to level 1 and 2, 10% increases for enhancing to level 3 and 4 and a 20% increase for enhancing to level 5 for a total of 50%.

Lord Equipment except for Ice Lord and Deathseeker enhancement increments
Level Increment
1 5%
2 5%
3 10%
4 10%
5 20%
Total 50%

For the Deathseeker Equipment you get 5% increases for enhancing to level 1, 2 and 3, and 10% increases for enhancing to level 4 and 5 for a total of 35%.

Deathseeker enhancement increments (and Ice Lord damage boosts and Troop Health of Ice Lord Helmet)
Level Increment
1 5%
2 5%
3 5%
4 10%
5 10%
Total 35%

For the Ice Lord Equipment it gets messy. The Damage boosts have the same increments as the Deathseeker set, and the Troop Health for the Helmet does as well, but for all other boosts (including Troop Health for Armor) you get 4% increases for enhancing to each level.

Ice Lord increments (except for damage boosts and Troop Health of Helmet)
Level Increment
1 4%
2 4%
3 4%
4 4%
5 4%
Total 20%

Set Resonance and Enhancement Resonance

In case you have multiple pieces of a Gold Lord equipment set you can get Set Resonance boosts (normally for 2, 4 and 6 pieces). The type of boost is different for different sets and complements the type of boosts of the equipment, e.g. for combat sets this can be Troop Attack, Defense and Health.

When you start enhancing your Gold equipment pieces you get an additional Enhancement Resonance, a percentage (for Deathseeker and Ice Lord this is 50% for lvl 1, 0% for lvl 2, 70% for lvl 3, 0% for lvl 4 and 80% for lvl 5, so cumulative 200% for lvl 5 enhancement) of your Set Resonance boost, when you have enhanced all pieces to a certain level (or higher).

Note: it seems as if there is also an Enhancement Resonance for the Dragon Spirit equipment, but this is not the case.


Just like for the items used for crafting equipment also after enhancing equipment if you decide to dismantle it you will get everything back (except for scroll used), so you can't really make huge mistakes when enhancing equipment. Worst case scenario you have to get another scroll so you can dismantle and craft the unenhanced piece again.

The higher grade gear can be enhanced till level 5, lower grade gear only to lower levels.

Although the cost for enhancing seem very expensive, considering the steel amounts and for example the Dragon Essence, for certain boosts there aren't many easy alternatives to increase the values, so enhancing might be the best alternative.

Closing Thought

I hope the above gives you some guidelines and considerations regarding enhancing equipment. If you have any questions or tips to share, let us know.

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