In May 2017, in the 3.0.0 Update, King of Avalon was extended with Gift Chests. This guide explains their function.

King of Avalon Gift Chests

05/25/2017 - -

Explanation of the new Gift Chest feature in King of Avalon.

The Basics

The Gift Chests functionality allows you to gift chests with gold to your alliance members. The Alliance Gift Chests can only be gifted by R4 and R5, and depend on the combined points for Daily Rewards in the previous day, and the Lord Alliance Gifts can be sent by each lord and depend on certain conditions. You can gift and open chests via the Alliance - Gift Chests menu.

Alliance - Gift Chests Interface

Via the Alliance menu there is a new Gift Chests icon just to the left of the main block with menu items, to the right of the Alliance XP bar. By clicking this icon you go to the Gift Chests screen.

In the Alliance tab of the Gift Chests you see a bar with how many Activty Points/Daily Rewards points have been scored so far today by your alliance. This amount influences the amount of Alliance Gift Chests (a maximum of 6 if 3600 points are scored) your R4/R5 can give the next day. You also see the amount of activity points you have contributed, which you can increase by doing your Daily Rewards.

In the Lord tab you can Send Gift Chests that you have unlocked by meeting certain conditions and View gifts you sent earlier. You can also check/uncheck a box that indicates whether when you send gifts aliance members can see it was from you or not.

In the Locker tab you see the gifts you have opened so far. By Viewing them you get an overview who has opened them.

Alliance Gift Chests

The point requirement to get the maximum amount of Alliance Chests does not seem very high, but still good to make sure all alliance members work on their Daily Rewards. The Daily Rewards are very important anyway, so this should just be an extra benefit for something your alliance is doing anyway.

There is no maximum of the amount of Lords that can open the Alliance Gift Chests.

R4 or R5 need to make sure they send the Alliance Gift Chests each day.

Lord Gift Chests

There is no clear list of what the conditions are that trigger the Lord Gift Chests, but it seems to contain a lot of different things, such as reaching new VIP, Dragon, Lord, Dragon Spirit or Hero levels, wearing equipment pieces of certain quality, enhancing dragon spirit equipment to certain level, etc.

Each Lord Gift Chest has a gold amount associated with it. Alliance members opening it will receive a random amount of gold based on the amount of gold held in the chest.

There is a maximum number of people that can benefit from a Lord Gift Chest. Once it is sent all alliance members are notified, but it can only be opened until the maximum is reached.

The person sending a Gift automatically opens it as well, so also receives a random gold amount for it.

Opening Gifts

In the Locker tab of the Alliance Gift Chests Interface you see the Gift Chests available for opening, but you are also notified by an icon in the middle bottom of your screen.

As written above, there is a maximum of people that can open the Lord Gift Chests, so don't wait too long and check in often to see whether there are new Gift Chests.

Older Kingdoms

If you already started playing King of Avalon before update 3.0.0 was released you and your alliance members might have lots of Lord Gift Chests conditions already met. I am not sure whether the gifts can still be triggered for all, but some can for example by unequipping and equipping a piece of gear.


My first impression it is a lot of extra clicking for relatively small amounts of gold (a lot of it below or around 10 gold), but it is for free. Let me know in the comment section if you have any comments or questions.

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