In July 2019 the Kingdom Raid Event was introduced in King of Avalon. This guide explains this event.

King of Avalon Kingdom Raid

07/24/2019 - -

Explanation of the Kingdom Raid event, focus on the raid stage and raiding few strongholds from another kingdom.


The first version of this event contained two stages, the first one focussed on the Magic Spire, the second one a cross kingdom kill event with (in our case) 5 selected kingdoms.

Magic Spire Stage

During the Magic Spire stage you get points for collecting crystals in the Magic Spire. There is not much to it, just want to share the following tips: Make sure you start a gathering before the stage starts, so that you already get credits. Also make sure as many people in the alliance with as many accounts as possible use the Magic Spire. It is important because you get Coins for it which the alliance needs for the Kingdom Raid stage.

Extra stages

The way things are setup I expect there will be extra stages in the future, probably all a preparation towards the Kingdom Raid stage. Whatever they throw at us, just make sure many players in your alliance complete it to collect the coins.

Kingdom Raid Stage

This is the stage the event is really about. Your kingdom will be grouped with other kingdoms (in our case a total of 5) and during this stage you can teleport to any of the other kingdoms and attack and plunder unshielded accounts. The goal for the event is to score as many points as possible, but of course resources you can plunder are also very valuable.

In the Raid Shop available via the Kingdom Raid event in the Event Center any r4 or r5 can stock the shop with Raid Teleports and assign these to players. The first time someone teleports to another kingdom it costs 2 Raid Teleports, the second time 3 Raid Teleports and after that 4. This is very expensive, so as an alliance you have to find a fair way for everyone to be able to participate.

There are special wounded conversion items you can use (I got 2 when the event started) at the moment you set the attack (the screen where you specify the troop composition has an extra checkbox), which will turn the Wounded Conversion percentage to 100%. Troops wounded and losses work differently, it will be explained in the Border Hospital section below.

If you get zeroed in another kingdom you are ported back to your home kingdom and cannot go back for 30 minutes.

Any traps destroyed during this event are gone permanently.

The first (and only time so far) I played this event it was still relatively easy to find accounts with resources and troops, but I expect this to get more difficult as people will become more aware of the event, and also people will have less time to accumulate much resources if they keep being sloppy and this event is held every other week.

Important Note about Stage start

The stages started 2 hours after reset, which is very unusual. Keep this in mind so that nobody makes a mistake shielding.

Raid Shop and Coins

For both stages all partipants provide coins to the alliance for all point targets they reach. These coins can be used by r4 and r5 to purchase items and assign them to alliance members. Besides the Raid Teleports discussed above, there are also resurrection coins which can be used to resurrect losses from the Border Hospital (described below) and special march speed up items that can only be used for the Kingdom Raid.

There are also special items to locate players that have been most successful in raiding your alliance in the shop. I don't have experience with these yet.

With only two stages there is not so much opportunity to collect the Raid Coins, and your alliance has to be selective on how to spend the coins. My preference is Raid Teleports to give everyone a chance to at least visit one Kingdom (and in this way also have a chance to score points and provide more coins). Traveling back and forth is very expensive, so it might be better to not switch between kingdoms, so go to one kingdom and stay there for the remainder of the event stage.

Border Hospital

The losses work different from the Excalibur Event and also from Firelands and Ultimate Alliance Conquest. Whenever you have wounded, they will first end up in the Wounded part of the Border Hospital (a new type of Hospital available via the Kingdom Raid in the Event Center), which has a capacity of 2.5 times your total Hospital capacity. If you have more wounded they will be treated as killed. These troops, and any additional troops being killed end up in the Losses part of the Border Hospital (95%) and really death (5%). The Losses part of the Border Hospital does not have a capacity restriction.

Troops in the Wounded part of the Hospital can be healed without resources for a strongly reduced time and will be automatically healed at the end of the event (same as Kingdom Hospital). The troops in the Losses part of the Border Hospital can be resurrected with resurrection coins from the Raid Shop, and will also be automatically healed at the end of the event.

King of Avalon Kingdom Raid part 2

07/24/2019 - -

More explanation about the Kingdom Raid, starting to understand it better after having played a while.


The rewards, besides the Raid Coins discussed above, are very similar to the rewards in the stages of the gold event. For leaderboard rewards you also get an amount of Dragon and Lord EXP.

Captured Resources

During the event you can capture resources. The amount of resources you captured are shown in an extra row below your resource stock and in the Redoubt section of the the Kingdom Raid event. If you are attacked after you have already plundered resources, those plundered resources will be taken first.

At the end of the event you can either transfer the plundered resources to your regular resource stock, or you can assign them via the Redoubt to any players in your alliance who have lost resources.


It is an interesting event, but drawback is that players do not actively chose to participate in this event, so it can be a lot of doing combat and plundering against accounts of people that are not online and forgot to shield. From that point of view I prefer Nether War and Excalibur Invasion. What makes it quite attractive is the large amounts of resources you can plunder.

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