Once your alliance has built the Alliance Portal, you are eligible to participate in the Portal Challenge Event to get great rewards for all members of the alliance. This guide explains how the event works.

King of Avalon Portal Challenge Event Guide

02/09/2017 - -

Explanation of the Portal Challenge Event, including live lvl 10 Warlock Event.

How the Portal Challenge Event Works

All members in an alliance can donate Portal Dust to the Alliance Portal. Every donated Portal Dust gives 5 points and once the total of 900 is reached and the Cooldown timer has expired, a Portal Monster can be selected and the Portal can be opened. After this the alliance has 30 minutes to kill the portal monster.

How to get Portal Dust

Let's start with the beginning. In an alliance all members should be encourages to complete their Daily Rewards every day, at least up till Chest 6. Chest 2, 4, and 6 contain Barbarian Keys and these are very important, so this way everyone can get 3 Barbarian Keys each day.

Subsequently everyone should join at least three Barbarian Rallies each day. If you do a Barbarian Rally and you have a Barbarian Key, you will not only get the regular chest, but also a Bonus Chest. This does not just mean all kind of extra goodies for you, but these Bonus Chests also always contain Portal Dust. This way every player can acquire three Portal Dusts every day.

Every Portal Dust donated counts for 5 points, and you need 900 points, so a total of 180 Portal Dusts needs to be donated. So if your alliance has 60 active members you can have the required Portal Dust in one day, if you have 30 active members it will take two days.

The cooldown timer for the Alliance Portal seems to be 2 days, so if you work well you can always make sure as an alliance you max the donations before the cooldown timer expires.

Although you don't see the cooldown timer until the donations are maxed, it is already counting, so there is no need to max out the donations as soon as possible. My tip is to use the first 24 hours after the Portal Monster is killed to let every alliance member only donate one Portal Dust. This will make sure everyone in the alliance is eligible for the Victory Rewards. Afterwards you have another day to max out the Portal Dust donations before the timer expires.


As your alliance has beaten more Portal Monsters you each time get the chance to select a stronger monster, meaning more hitpoints before it is killed. You always need to think about who is online to help, before making a decision. Sometimes it will be better to not go for the strongest, if you don't have enough members.

It is best to already take the Portal Challenge into consideration with your hive setup and have strong rally leaders around the Alliance Portal. It is crucial your alliance is able to set and fill as many rallies as possible to do the necessary damage in the short time the Portal is open.

The big problem is the 5 minutes wait before a rally can move. So that is why it is crucial rally leaders don't lose additional time by having long marches.

As typical for these type of events in King of Avalon, it is about doing damage, so don't go for the one perfect rally, but rather have many rallies. You don't need to worry about losing a rally.

Since defense is not important for these type of events, I tend to go heavy on damage dealers like Bowmen and Cavalry, and low on Infantry. I have not experimented much with Siege yet.


There are two prizes. The Victory Rewards is the same for everyone that either participates in the rallies or that has donated Portal Dust (so not all alliance members automatically receive this). The Damage Rewards are only for the ones participating in the rallies and are based on the damage ranking. The more damage you have done, the better your rewards are. You will receive these both via System Mails after the Portal Monster has been defeated.

The prizes for both Rewards include Speed Ups, Knucklebone, Wood, Food, Gold and Elixir Vials. The Elixir Vials are important for the Dragon Altar.

I assume the prizes also increased based on the level of the Portal Monsters, but I have not looked into this.

There are no prizes for individual rallies.


The Portal Challenge is a great way to work together as an alliance to set some rallies. Practice for the real stuff, while at the same time get some great rewards for all involved.

If everyone keeps in mind the following chain, you should be able to do this Portal Challenge every two days, or as often as the cooldown timer allows: Daily Rewards - Barbarian Keys - Barbarian Rallies - - Portal Dust - Portal Challenge ( - Elixir Vials - Dragon Altar).

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