This article gives an explanation of Sanctum building in King of Avalon.

King of Avalon Update v4.4.0 Changes

05/23/2018 - -

Information about the changes in Update 4.4.0. Including Dragon Emblems, new Hero Sir Kay, Sanctum Building and Soul and Ambrosia system, new Alliance research project.

Scope of this Article

This guide explains the Sanctum building, including when troops will end up in the Sanctum building and how they can be revived. To be more complete it also includes the functioning of the various hospitals and how the Sanctum related to the hospitals.

How it Works?

In certain forms of combat (e.g. when you are attacked in your stronghold, when reinforcing alliance mates, when attacked on a tile) you casualties will under certain circumstances, become wounded, instead of being killed. First these wounded will fill up your own hospitals, after that your alliance hospital, and after than a percentage of the wounded will go to the Sanctum (and a percentage will die). More about this percentage later in this guide. The wounded that go to the Sanctum will become souls that can be revived using Ambrosia. Ambrosia is acquired via gathering and harvesting resource production buildings once you have souls in the Sanctum. The Sanctum has a maximum capacity that is related to your hospital capacity, also more about that below.

Boosting Soul Conversion and Sanctum Capacity and Ambrosia Collecting

The Soul Conversion percentage is the percentage of wounded troops that will become Souls in the Sanctum once all hospital capacity is full. This percentage is 70% as a basis value and can be increased with 10% by having VIP 10 or higher active, and another 10% by having a Subscription.

The Sanctum Capacity is by default 400% of your total Hospital Capacity and can be increased with 100% of the Hospital Capacity by having VIP 10 active and another 100% by having a Subscription.

Ambrosia collection rate cannot be boosted directly, but there are some factors that influence the speed. It only starts being collected when you have Souls in the Sanctum. The rate is higher if your hospital capacity is higher, when your hospitals have fewer injured troops, and it will slow down once you come close to the upper limit of Ambrosia your Sanctum can hold.

Hospitals, Alliance Hopsital, Kingdom Hospital

Just to be complete the order of wounded troops is first they fill up your own hospitals. Once that capacity is full, your wounded troops will go to the Alliance Hospital. Only if that one is filled up as well, will your troops go to the Sanctum.

The Kingdom Hospital is active during special events such as Ultimate Alliance Conquest. When it is active all your casualties will end up in the Kingdom Hospital, where they can be healed for reduced time and no resource cost during the event, and will automatically be healed at the end of the event.

Removing Alliance Hospital

Compared to getting your troops from the Alliance Hospital and even your own hospitals, it is relatively cheap to get your troops from the Sanctum. It only requires Ambrosia, which is easy to acquire once there are souls in your hospital. Because of this, some alliances and players have the tactic to remove the Alliance Hospital or even fill up their own hospital with t1 troops so that casualties go to the Sanctum right away. Especially removing the Alliance Hospital seems like a valid tactic, but keep in mind to have plenty of hospital capacity so that also your Sanctum capacity is high enough, and it will be quite valuable to have VIP 10 active, and potentially a Subscription, to make sure your losses are minimial.


This guide should explain the working of the Sanctum. Please share if you have questions or suggestions.

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