In February 2018, in the 4.1 Update, King of Avalon was extended with a new alliance building, the Spirit Altar. This guides gives insight in the various features of this new building and how you can benefit from it.

King of Avalon Spirit Altar

03/01/2018 - -

Introduction of the various features (Spirit Ceremonies, Spirit Celebration, Spirit Achivements) of the new Spirit Altar Alliance Building.

The Basics

The Spirit Altar consists of three parts: Spirit Ceremonies, Alliance Celebration and Spirit Achievements. There are more or less independent new functions that each can result in rewards. There is a common factor that you can achieve a new currency, Spirit Coins, that you can spend in a shop inside the Spirit Altar to purchase various goodies.

Spirit Ceremonies

Via the Spirit Ceremonies menu in the Spirit Altar building any player can Hold a Spirit Ceremony. The player starting a Spirit Ceremony can select the personal reward he will receive when the Ceremony is completed successfully. The rewards chosen determine (at least) two aspects of the ceremony, the amount of Spirit Coins that need to be offered to start it, and the amount of points that need to be donated.

Once a Ceremony is started the alliance has 12 hours to donate the required points. Donation is done with Spirit Smoke items via the Spirit Ceremonies menu. These Spirit Smoke items can be acquired in various ways, below I list a table with ways known to me, please let me know in the comment section if you know other ways.

If a Ceremony is completed successfully (enough Spirit Smoke donated within available time), the Ceremony Holder will get its personal reward, the alliance gets some Alliance Spirit Stature and Ceremony Crystals as rewards and each player donating get Spirit Coins as reward directly, irrespective of success of the ceremony.

When a ceremony fails the personal rewards and the Alliance rewards will be proportional to the amount of donations finished, while the ceremony holder gets the spirit coins back for the part that was not finished.

Holding a Ceremony is a way to get some items that are otherwise difficult to attain, like Noble Badges and Intensity Crystal (V).

Ways to get Spirit Smoke

  • Barbarian Rallies (1)
  • Portal (I got 10 for Victory Rewards and 15 for ranking 2 in Damage Rewards, amounts might depend on level of Portal Monster)
  • Fallen Knight (amount probably depends on personal and alliance damage)
  • Spirit Achievements (first level 4, second level 8)

There is a Ceremony Log in which you can see all held ceremonies with information about who held them and whether they were completed successfully or not. It seems this also lists ceremonies from other alliances, not sure whether that is intentional or a mistake.

Alliance Celebration

This feature seems similar to the alliance gift chests. Instead of daily there is a week time in which the alliance can score points via various activities. These are listed inside the Alliance Celebration screen and include activities such as gathering from the Alliance farm, defeating barbarians and dealing damage to portal monsters.

As soon as your alliances reaches any of the point targets you will get an alliance mail informing you that a celebration chest has been unlocked. The contents of the Celebration Chests is determined by the Spirit that is selected (can be done at the beginning of each week when a new cycle starts). Only r4/5 can select the spirit.

The Warrior Spirit provides basic materials and steel (note, these amounts have probable changed in version 4.3, still have to check)

Chest Animal Hide
1 180 7500
2 250 10500
3 335 12000
4 410 14500
5 480 17500
6 550 21000
Total 2,205 83,000

The Wanderer Spirit provides prestige banners (amounts have been updated for version 4.3).

Chest Prestige Banners
1 300
2 415
3 535
4 655
5 775
6 895
Total 3,575

The Wizard spirit gives materials for the Dragon Spirit equipment (confirmed for version 4.3).

Chest Fire Opal
Spider Silk
Soul Clay
Dragon Spirit EXP Refining Rune (I)
1 90 67,500
2 25
3 160 100,000
4 40
5 240 150,000
6 50
Total 490 317,500 115

In update 5.3.0 a new spirit was introduced, Assassin Spirit, which gives Noble Badges.

Chest Noble Badges
1 6
2 8
3 11
4 13
5 16
6 18
Total 72

Spirit Achievements

The Spirit Achievements are similar to your own Achievements, but now based on combined points for all alliance members. Each achievement provides Alliance Spirit Stature, Ceremony Crystals, Spirit Coins and Spirit Smoke as rewards. These rewards are sent to you via a system mail when the corresponding target is reached.

Spirit Store

This store is setup in a similar way as the alliance store. The r4/5 can use the Ceremony Crystals to put items in this store, players can use their spirit coins to purchase the items.

The possible items to purchase are all lord materials, Raw Valor Gemstone (IV) fragments, Refining Stones I - VI, Prestige Banners, Sealed Epic, Rare and Regular Hero Fragments, 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP, Intensity Crystal I - III, Assault and Guardian Power

Price wise it does not seem very expensive, e.g. you can get a Raw Valor Gemstone (IV) fragment for 117 Spirit Coins, but I am not sure whether there are enough Ceremony Crystals to supply the store for everyone's needs.

I was not yet familiar with the concept of Sealed Hero Fragments. It seems this reward allows you to select one and in addition you get a random one.

Unclear Parts

What is not so clear to me yet is the concept of Spirit Stature and how exactly this is relevant. For each of the three section your alliance can score Spirit Stature points. With Spirit Stature points your alliance can unlock Alliance Banner parts, but I am also not clear on how you benefit from this. In addition there is a new leaderboard for Alliance Spirit Stature.

There is also a new weekly leaderboard ranking that is based on the Ceremony Crystals players earn for their alliance by holding ceremonies. As far as I know this does not provide anything extra than a dubious bragging right.


At first it might seem like quite a lot of functionality for a new building (it did to me), but the Alliance Celebration and Spirit Achievements sections won't require much of your attention, basically you just get some extra rewards for things you do anyway. The Spirit Ceremonies are a new way to get items you would otherwise find difficult to acquire, but it might require some coordination on part off the alliance leaders to make everything run fair and smooth. If you have any tips or questions, please share.

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