Research Projects

An overview of all research projects available in the Level 10 Research Tree in King of Avalon including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.

Wagon Load IV

Max Lv. 10 Troop Load Increase 10.0%

Safekeeping V

Max Lv. 10 Storage Protection Increase 5.0%

Blood Brothers IV

Max Lv. 3 Max Rally Slots +3

Massive Rally IV

Max Lv. 10 Rally Capacity +10,000

Expansion V

Max Lv. 2 Max Alliance Membership +10

Bowmen Boost III

Max Lv. 3 Bowmen vs Infantry Damage 1.5%

Cavalry Boost III

Max Lv. 3 Cavalry vs Bowmen Damage 1.5%

Distance Boost III

Max Lv. 3 Distance Siege vs Trap Damage 1.5%

Infantry Protection III

Max Lv. 3 Infantry vs Siege Damage Reduction 1.5%

Drop Damage III

Max Lv. 3 Dropped vs Infantry Damage 1.5%

Stationary Strength III

Max Lv. 3 Stationary vs Cavalry Damage 1.5%

Targeted Terror III

Max Lv. 3 Targeted vs Bowmen Damage 1.5%

Daily Load IV

Max Lv. 5 Alliance Storehouse Daily Limit +25,000

Troop Treatment III

Max Lv. 5 Alliance Hospital Troop Healing Speed 5.0%

Alliance Hammer V

Max Lv. 3 Alliance Building Construction Speed 3.0%

Total Cost

Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
00:00:00 0

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