Regular Troops
Name Tier Type
Militia Tier 1 Swordsmen
Spearmen Tier 1 Spearmen
Horsemen Tier 1 Mounted
Archers Tier 1 Ranged
Battering Rams Tier 1 Siege
Axemen Tier 2 Swordsmen
Pikemen Tier 2 Spearmen
Raiders Tier 2 Mounted
Marksmen Tier 2 Ranged
Catapults Tier 2 Siege
Swordsmen Tier 3 Swordsmen
Skirmishers Tier 3 Spearmen
Light Cavaliers Tier 3 Mounted
Longbowmen Tier 3 Ranged
Trebuchets Tier 3 Siege
Guardians Tier 4 Swordsmen
Halberdiers Tier 4 Spearmen
Armored Cavaliers Tier 4 Mounted
Crossbowmen Tier 4 Ranged
Ballistae Tier 4 Siege
Vindicators Tier 5 Swordsmen
Sentinels Tier 5 Spearmen
Avengers Tier 5 Mounted
Wardens Tier 5 Ranged
Siege Towers Tier 5 Siege

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Troops Strengths/Weakness Matrix

Attacking Against
Category Type Swordsmen Spearmen Mounted Ranged Siege
Regular Troops Swordsmen Normal Strong Weak Normal Normal
Regular Troops Spearmen Weak Normal Strong Normal Normal
Regular Troops Mounted Strong Weak Normal Normal Normal
Regular Troops Ranged Weak Weak Weak Normal Normal
Regular Troops Siege Weak Weak Weak Strong Normal
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