All information relating to the boost type Upkeep Efficiency in Mobile Strike including what research projects increase Upkeep Efficiency and what the best gear is for Upkeep Efficiency.
Name Upkeep Efficiency
Type Percentage
Category Max Boost
Commander Skill Trees 25.0%
Best Gear 50.0%
Total 75.0%

Total gear boosts are based on availability of three accessory slots.

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Commander Skills Giving Upkeep Efficiency Boost

Commander Skill Skill Tree Total Boost
Upkeep Efficiency Commander Skill Tree 25.0%

Best Gear for Upkeep Efficiency Boost

Gear Type Gear Quality Level 6 Boost
Upkeep Efficiency
Gear Cost [coin] Materials
Helmets Dreaded Fear Helmet 50.0% 50 28.31M 2 Spring Lanyard, 2 Lightweight Body Armor
Total 50.0% 50 28.31M 2 Spring Lanyard
2 Lightweight Body Armor

Totals are based on three accessories.

All Gear Giving Upkeep Efficiency Boost (basic boosts without enhancement)

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