An overview of all materials available in Mobile Strike, with information about how these can be acquired or where they can be found, e.g. from which tiles, gifts, crates, rebels, etc.
24k Gold Threading 9-Volt Battery Adhesive Adhesive Foam Gasket
Adjustable Stock Air Tank Valve Aircraft Cable Aluminum
Ammo Bag Ammo Belt Ammo Box Ammo Case
Ammo Feeder Anniversary Cobalt Arctic Camo Cloth Arctic Camo Patch
Arctic Trigger Guard Arctic Wolf Patch Armor Plates Armor Straps
Army Camo Cloth Attachment Straps Auto Injector Ballistic Plating
Bandages Barrel Mount Batick Leather Battle Belt
Battle Straps Bipod Bipod Bipod
Black Acrylic Black Adjustable Strap Black Canvas Black Dye
Black Felt Black Kevlar Black Leather Black Satin
Black Scale Metal Black Sheet Plastic Black Spray Paint Black Thermal Plastic
Black Twine Blast Fiber Blue Fabric Dye Blue Water Resistant Fabric
Bolt Catch Boron Box of Nails Brass Clippings
Brass Rivets Brown Lace Brown Leather Brush Kit
Brushed Blue Metal Brushed Red Metal Bumble Bee Camo Bungee Cord
Thermo Insert Burlap Burn Ointment Camo Cream
Camo Helmet Padding Camo Net Camo Straps Camo Wrap
Camouflage Netting Candy Corn Carabiner Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber Plating Carbon Steel Carbonite Cardboard Gift Box
Carriage Bolt Ceramic Ceramic Inserts Chain Straps
Chainsaw Grip Charcoal Felt Chromium Circular Gradient Plastic
Circular Retainer Coaxial Connector Combat Wool Composite Carbon Fiber
Compound Battery Compound Foil Compound Joint Compound Pate
Compound Screw Control Panel Copper Copper Wire
CPU Crimson Alloy Crimson Bullets Crimson Fabric
Crimson Holster Crimson LED Crimson Velvet Cursed Uranium
Damascus Steel Dark Green Camo Patch Dark Green Felt Deep Forest Polymer
Desert Camo Detonation Wire Digital Camo Cloth Driving Spring
Drum Magazine Lining Duct Tape Dumbbell Durable Spring
Dyed Leather Ear Plugs Unrefined Metal Elastic Strap
Electronics Module Embossed Grip Plastic EMP Shield Arctic Wolf Patch
Arctic Wolf Patch Explosive Bullet Explosive Can Extended Stock
Extreme Aircraft Cable Extreme Helmet Mold Extreme Yellow Marker Extremely Durable Spring
Extremely Explosive Can Fiberglass Plate Thermal Padding Firing Pin
Flame Canister Flame Resistant Fiber Flame Retardant Plastic Flame Retardant Spray
Flare Flash Hider Flash Suppressor Foam Lining
Foam Padding Fortified Brace Fortified Bulletproof Glass Fortified Canister
Fortified Gauntlet Fortified Plating Frosted Microchip Snow Leopard Patch
Snow Leopard Patch Fuel Cell Fuse Galvanized Battery
Galvanized Foil Galvanized Joint Galvanized Pate Galvanized Screw
Gauze Pads Geo Sensors Ghillie Jute Thread Glass
Gold Alloy Gold Buttons Gold Flakes Gold Plating
Golden Alloy Golden Bullets Golden Fabric Golden Glass
Golden Holster Golden LED Gray Felt Gray Wool
Adjustable Stock Leather Adjustable Strap Green Silicon Compound Green Snake Skin Mesh
Green Tiger Camo Patch Guarded Trigger Guidance System Gun Metal Plating
Gunmetal Alloy Gunmetal LED Gunmetal LED Gunmetal LED
Gunmetal Ingot Gunmetal LED Gunpowder Hard Plastic Trigger
Harddrive Hardened Armor Insert Hardened Camo Straps Hardened Canister
Hardened Coaxial Connector Hardened Combat Armor Hardened Custom Trigger Hardened Drum Magazine Lining
Hardened Fire Resistant Fabric Hardened Honeycomb Plating Hardened Lever Hardened Liquid Crystal Resin
Hardened Stash Pack Hardened Straps Hardened Tinted Lens Hardened Weapon Grip
Harness Strap Harness Straps Heart Decal Heat Resistant Foam
Heat Resistant Polypropylene Heavy Aircraft Cable Heavy Durable Spring Heavy Explosive Can
Heavy Helmet Mold Heavy Spring Heavy Yellow Marker Helm Clip
Helmet Mold Hex Mesh High Pressure Tank Holster
Holster Holster Honeycomb Plating Ignitor
Infrared Sensor Iron Jagged Obsidian Kevlar
Kevlar Blade Kevlar Inserts Kevlar Plates Kevlar Threading
Kevlar Vest Laser Designator Laser Sight Lead
Leather Leather Adjustable Strap Leather Buckle Leather Lace
Leather Shoulder Strap Leather Strap Leather String Lightweight Body Armor
Lightweight Thermal Fabric Liquid Crystal Resin Liquid Polymer Loop Strap
Loophole Loose Paracord Lubrication Spray M249 Handle
Mag Holders Magnesium Mallet Metal Battery
Metal Detector Metal Foil Metal Joint Metal Pate
Metal Screw Micro Fleece Micro Lens Micro Tracker
Microchip Microfiber Wire Midnight Black Composite Military Chocolate
Mine Explosive Modular Plating Modular Tactical Strap Moss Mulch
Mountain Patch MPI Bolt Multi Tool Multi Wrap
Muzzle Brakes New Years Fuse Nickel Nighttime Camo
Nitroglycerin Normal Control Solution Nylon Band Nylon Fiber
Orange Felt Orange Hard Plastic Orange Microfiber Orange Tiger Camo
Patterned Metal Phosphate Plastic Plastic Buckles
Pliable Rubber Sheet Pliers Pocket Knife Polar Fleece
Polarized Lens Polished Black Metal Polycarbonate Plastic Polyester
Polymer Grip Polypropylene Portable Generator Precision Trigger
Pressure Sensor Pristine Armor Insert Pristine Canister Pristine Combat Armor
Pristine Custom Trigger Pristine Fire Resistant Fabric Pristine Lever Pristine Stash Pack
Pristine Straps Pristine Tinted Lens Pristine Weapon Grip Processor
Propellant PVC Tube Quick Release Clip Quicklock Buckle
Radar Absorbing Foam Radiation Guard Multi Wrap Multi Wrap
Ratcheting Buckle Ration Biscuits Recoil Protector Red Adder Camo
Red Dye Red Felt Red LED Red Night Vision Scope
Red Plutonium Reinforced Black Plastic Reinforced Brace Reinforced Bulletproof Glass
Reinforced Canister Reinforced Gauntlet Reinforced Plating Remote Control
Remote Detonator Researcher's Patch Researcher's Pouch Resin Spool
Resource Bundle Rifle Barrel Rifle Butt Plate Rifle Grip
Rifle Trigger Robotic Joint Rock Salt Round Rope
RPG Rocket Rubber Rubber Fabric Rubber Grip
Rubber Sole Rubber Tubing Rubber Wire Ruby Plating
Rugged Armor Insert Rugged Canister Rugged Combat Armor Rugged Custom Trigger
Rugged Fabric Rugged Fire Resistant Fabric Rugged Lever Rugged Stash Pack
Rugged Straps Rugged Tinted Lens Rugged Weapon Grip Safety Goggles
Safety Pin Saffiano Leather Salvaged Brace Salvaged Bulletproof Glass
Salvaged Canister Salvaged Gauntlet Salvaged Plating Schematics
Scrap Cloth Screwdriver Secure Harness Hooks Self Tapping Screw
Sergeant's Badge Servicing Clamp Servicing Kit Shamrock Camo
Shatterproof Lens Shell Padding Shock Plate Shoe Pads
Shotgun Shell Silicon Silver Silver Brushed Metal
Silver Fox Fur Silver Metal Tubing Sling Pack Sling Swivels
Slotted Screwdriver Slug Round Snap Hook Sniper Mesh
Snow Leopard Patch Socket Wrench Spare Ammo Bucket Spare Joints
Spare Propeller Spare Triggers Spider Silk Spring Lanyard
Square Nut Stainless Steel Standard Buckle Steel
Steel Buckle Steel Hinge Steel Hooks Steel Mesh
Steel Nut Steel Rivets Steel Wires Sterile Padding
Sturdy Leather Suede Sulfur Surgical Needle
Surgical Thread Tanned Leather Thermal Blanket Thermal Camera Cores
Thermal Fabric Thermal Imager Thermal Padding Thermo Insert
Thick Dark Red Nylon Titanium Titanium Punch Out Torn Cloth
Transistors Trigger Pins Twine Unrefined Metal
Uranium Urban Camo Wrap Urban Digital Mesh Camo Utility Belt
Utility Strap Velcro Strap Vented Barrel Grip Vinyl Nitrile Foam
Walnut Board Warworn Leather Weapon Polish White Felt
White Leather White Paint Stick Winter Camo Patch Wolf Skin Camo
Wood Wrench Yellow Marker

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