On July 23 a new Troop Training Speed Gear was introduced, Barracks Buster Gear. In this guide we make a comparison with the previous available gear.

Compared to Pyramidion Training Gear

The previous released Troop Training Speed Gear was called Pyramidion. We compare the new Barracks Buster Gear with the Pyramidion Gear:

Measurement Pyramidion
Set Bonus
Barracks Buster
Barracks Buster
Set Bonus
Barracks Buster
Training Speed 70.0% 70.0% 105.0% 105.0% 35.0%
Troop Health Bonus 60.0% 60.0% 60.0% 60.0%
Troop Defense Bonus 60.0% 60.0% 60.0% 60.0%

Totals are based on three accessories and full gear set bonus, where applicable.

With an increase of 35% (from 70% to 105%) the benefit of the new set is considerable.

Other Considerations

Besides the benefit compared to the previous available set there are some other factors to consider.

This Gear Set requires Commander XP Level 55, so only consider this if you have already upgraded your commander to this level, or plan to do so shortly.

Is training speed really the restricting factor for you? You might have a bunch of Banks already and have a good training speed and it could be that you keep buying packs to get more resources instead of more speed ups and gold. In that case, unless you plan to replace some Banks with Training Grounds or Hospitals, this Gear might offer little benefit.


It seems worth having, but unfortunately it is unlikely this becomes available via any method else besides buying packs. Keep your eyes open for packs that either contain pieces of the finished gear, or the materials that are required to manufacture them.

Note: we made the above comparisons with our Gear Set Comparison Tool. Have a look at it to compare any available gear.

Contributed by: on July 23, 2016


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