Once you have your eye set on certain gear you want to manufacture, it likely turns out you do not have the right materials, or at least not the quality level you would like to have. There is another guide on deciding which gear to craft and what to consider when crafting, this article focusses on an explanation of the various materials and where they can be found, to help you get the materials you need.

Categories of Materials

There are 3 main categories of materials, the standard materials, the standard economy gear materials and the special event materials. The last main category consists of sets of materials associated with each special event.

Standard Materials

The standard materials can be used to make a large variety of gear and are relatively easy to get. The standard materials can be found in the table below.

In our pages on Tiles, Crates, Gifts, Rebels, and Missions we only show the confirmed drops of materials, but you can assume that whenever you have a chance of one of these standard materials you have a chance on any of them. So far I have only looked at whether a materials drops or not, I have not done any statistics and have no idea whether the drop rate is different for different standard materials.

You have a chance on the standard materials when hitting any rebel, when gathering on any rebel tile (there is also a chance from standard resource tiles, but this is so rare, I have two confirmed mat drops after gathering 1.5B resources, that it does not make sense to focus on this), when completing daily, alliance or VIP missions, when opening most Gifts, when opening material crates and when battling.

I assume you have to win a battle to have a chance of receiving a material, but you do not have to be the attacker and it also does not have to be an attack on a base. I even received a material once when being attacked on a tile.

Positive side is that there are various ways of getting these standard materials. Drawbacks are that there is as far as I know no way to increase the drop rate of certain materials compared to others, and that because they do only very rarely drop when gathering standard tiles there is also no easy way to get higher level materials early on in the game.

Purchasing Daily and Alliance Chances from the Alliance Store is a good way to get a chance at some standard materials, including a chance of higher level materials, and it gives you Commander XP as well. If you do this make sure you have your Hall of Heroes upgraded to the same level as your HQ and only do this once you have reached VIP 7 (for Dialy Chances) or VIP 8 (for Alliance Chances) so that you can autocomplete them. Just buy a bunch, auto complete all quests, use a Chance, autocomplete all quests until your Chances are finished.

Note that for the missions, besides the standard materials, there is also a chance of getting several other materials. Recently (May 25, 20016) the materials that can be dropped can be extended. I am not sure exactly what materials, but for the Daily and Alliance Missions I already confirmed drops of around 60 different materials and I am starting to wonder whether it is possible to get just any (of the currently 146) materials now, especially since the confirmed drops are not from specific special events, but are so far materials from almost all different events.

Standard Economy Gear Materials

The Standard Economy Gear materials are the materials that have a chance of dropping when gathering on standard resource tiles. See these materials listed in the table below.

These materials can be used to manufacture the Economy Gear: Construction Time Reduction, Research Time Reduction, Manufacturing Time for Normal Gear Reduction and Troop Queue Increase. They can only be used for that gear, and are the only materials required for that gear, so although those gears are not the most useful, they have some use, so you might as well make them if you have the mats, because you won't need any other mats for them and you cannot use the materials for anything else. When gathering on higher level resource tiles it should be quite easy to acquire the requirements to make this gear, although some of the mats seem to drop less frequent than others.

The Construction Time Reduction gear has its use early on in the game, but when you reach the higher building levels, because of the long original construction time, it will be much better to have Construction Speed Reduction gear. Similar for the Research Time Reduction Gear. Because there is currently no gear to speed up Manufacturing Time, the Manufacturing Time Reduction gear has its use. If you do not plan to build a lot of Training Grounds, the Troop Queue Increase gear is useful to still be able to train large amounts of troops (for example to be able to use 3 Day Speed Ups to train troops).

Special Event Material

The special event materials are the sets of materials that are associated with the special events. You have a chance of getting those materials via anything associated with that event, e.g. hitting the rebel, gathering resources on a special event tile, opening special event gifts. There are normally only one or two different rebels active, and gifts depend on whether alliance members buy packs, so these special event materials might be difficult to acquire.

Later on the (Extreme) Challenges will sometimes contain materials or event related crates as prizes. It might be good to keep an eye on these as well, because are another way to get certain materials.

If you have any other tips or questions on finding materials, let me know.

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