Recently the concept of manufacturing prototype gear with cores and attachments was introduced. This is significantly more complicated than manufacturing regular gear, in this guide we explain the basics. (Note: I realize a Guide on manufacturing regular gear still has to be written…)

Compared to Regular Gear Manufacturing

Cores and attachments are building blocks that allow you to manufacture prototype gear. If we compare it to regular gear manufacturing, you can consider that for regular gear you have materials (e.g. leather and string) that allow you to build a piece of gear (e.g. shoes or a shirt). For prototype gear you do not start with materials, but with e.g. a core shoe component to which you can attach any attachment. For regular gear manufacturing you work with a fixed recipe that the game provides for you, and boosts automatically appear on the finished gear. For prototype gear you can determine your own recipe and the boost of the finished gear is directly related to the boosts of the cores and attachments you use. Regular gear is permanent, prototype gear is temporary (a countdown starts the moment you equip it and will not (!) stop when you unequip it). The cost for Regular Gear is fixed, while for prototype gear it depends on the recipe and quality levels of the Cores and Attachments. Cores and Attachments, like materials, can be combined into a higher quality level.

How to Manufacture Prototype Gear

In the Armory you can Manufacture Prototype Gear by selecting Manufacture followed by Prototype Gear. In this screen you can select one Core (on the Cores tab) and multiple Attachments (on the Attachments tab) to combine with the Core. The quality level of the Core and the number of Attachments you can add depend on Manufacturing research, which is explained below. By clicking on the Core picture at the top you will get information about the boost range and the duration. At the bottom you see the Coin cost to manufacture the prototype gear, and the button to start the Manufacturing.

Considerations for Composing Cores and Attachments

Like with regular gear it is typically best to combine Cores and Attachments that complement each other, ideally offer the same boosts, e.g. combine cores and attachments that are all focused on Armored Vehicle Attack, not combine a Core with one attachment that has an Armored Vehicle boost, one with a Tactical boost and one with an Infantry boost. The goal with manufacturing attack gear is typically that you get a full gear set that complements a full march of one troop type.

Since Prototype Gear is only valid for a limited time, it is extremely costly to make, so if you make it, you better make it count. At low Core and Attachment quality levels the boosts are just not that good, so if you decide to do this you might first want to invest time in researching the Manufacturing tree to make sure you can make good prototype gear.

Whether to always go for Quality Level 6/Golden Prototype Gear is a different consideration than for permanent gear. In the end it is about being able to bear your target opponents and if a Quality Level 5/Purple set is doing the job well enough for you, you are likely better off manufacturing multiple purple sets instead of just one golden set.

I do not have a good idea yet how the percentages work, but from what I can see so far there is no risk involved with mixing different quality levels. If you do not have enough Quality Level 6 attachments to make the set that you want, you could just go for a Quality Level 6 Core with Quality Level 5 Attachments.

Combining Regular and Prototype Gear

If you have for example good permanent Armored Vehicle Attack Helmet, Body Armor, Footwear and Weapon you could just focus on manufacturing Prototype Gear Accessories that complement your set as opposed to manufacturing a complete Core Gear set. The focus should be to have a Gear Set that you can use to beat the opponents you want.

Using Tools and Data on this Website

This website offers data and tools that can help in manufacturing prototype gear. First at Cores and Cores you get a complete overview of all available cores and attachments with for each item details of the boosts of all quality levels. At Boost Types you find an overview of all boosts in Mobile Strike. When you select any of these you get a complete overview of all ways to increase the boost, including all available cores and attachments. Events shows an overview of all Prototype Gear Events (and Regular Gear Events), when selecting one of these you will see all cores and attachments associated with the event plus an overview of the boosts of a complete quality level 6/golden prototype set.

The website also offers two tools. Prototype Gear Calculator allows you to select a boost, quality level and number of attachments and will suggest the best cores and attachments and show the complete boosts corresponding to these items. Prototype Gear Composer can be used if you have a good knowledge of the available cores and attachments and want to see the boosts of prototype gear you are considering to manufacture. You have full flexibility to combine any cores and attachments. See also the Prototype Gear Manufacturing overview for all information relating to prototype gear manufacturing.

Manufacturing Research

Not everything in the Manufacturing tree is related to Prototype Manufacturing. In this section I will explain the Research Projects that are relevant.

Core Mastery Level 1 to 6 are a prerequisite to be able to manufacture prototype gear using Cores of the corresponding quality level.

Manufacturing Speed I and II increase both the Regular Gear and Prototype Gear Manufacturing speed.

Manufacturing Cost Reduction I and II increase both the Regular Gear and Prototype Gear Manufacturing speed.

4th, 5th, and 6th Attachment Manufacturing Slot influences the number of Attachments you can add to a Core, without having researched any of these the maximum is 3.

The 5 Fourth Mod Slot in Core Equipment research projects determine whether you can use the 4th Mod Slot in your Core equipment.

Core and Attachment Gathering supposedly increase the chance of finding a Core and Attachment while gathering on a resource tile. I have not found any yet on resource tiles, so not sure how this will work out.

Duration I and II influence the duration of your Core equipment.

Core Manufacturing Luck I and II increase the lower range of all boosts in your Cores.

Accessory Slot No. 2 and 3 – Equip Accessory Slot with Accessory with fourth Mod installed. Important to be aware that as long as you do not have this one yet, but you do have the Fourth Mod Slot for Accessories, you should be aware that you cannot equip accessories in the 2nd and 3rd accessory slot if you have 4th mod installed on them.

Quite some of these are currently not yet available.

Using Mods

You can use mods on Prototype Gear in the same way as you use it on Regular Gear. When the Prototype Gear expires, the mods will be returned to your mod inventory.

Be hesitant with equipping the 4th mod slot on accessories when you do not yet have the Accessory Slot No. 2 and 3 – Equip Accessory Slot with Accessory with fourth Mod installed researched, as you might end up with Accessory gear that you cannot equip.


Prototype Gear is an interesting extension to the available gear. It allows you to manufacture gear to beat opponents that you would normally not be able to beat. However it comes at a high cost. To use it well you not only need to basically research the complete Manufacturing tree, but you also need to keep spending to get Cores and Attachments, because of the temporary character of this equipment.

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