Prototype Gear Sets


You can use the Prototype Gear Calculator to determine the best prototype gear based on a selected boost, or or the Prototype Gear Composer if you have a good knowledge of the available cores and attachments and want to see the boosts of prototype gear you are considering to manufacture.

Need more info? Read our Prototype Gear: Cores and Attachments Manufacturing 101 guide.



Annihilation Helmet Annihilation Hollow Points Annihilation Jacket Annihilation Pants
Annihilation SMG Arctic Ops Boots Arctic Ops Breaching Shotgun Arctic Ops Flashbang Grenade
Arctic Ops Protector Arctic Ops Visor Armored Medics Vest Blast Zone Barrage Boots
Blast Zone Holster Blast Zone Impact Armor Blast Zone Shock Helmet Blast Zone Six-Shot
Bounty Catcher Cherry Picker Combat Scrubs Conspirator's Armor
Contractor's Comm Destruction Armor Destruction Boots Destruction Guard
Destruction Mask Destruction Shotgun Extinction Cover Extinction Ice Pick
Extinction Sniper Extinction Thermal Jacket Extinction Trackers Frozen Tundra Ghillie
Frozen Tundra Hood Frozen Tundra Satchel Frozen Tundra Sniper Rifle Frozen Tundra Stompers
Harbinger Backup Harbinger Blue Valkyrie Harbinger of Death Suit Harbinger Sky Eyes
Harbinger Slacks Jet Injector Lightweight Armor Lightweight Cargos
Longrange Binoculars Medic's Surgery Scopes Nomad's Cap Nomad's Treads
Nomad's Vest Opportunist's Helm Radio Backpack Range Patrol
Renegade Filtered Vision Renegade Resilience Renegade Shot Renegade Stained Legs
Renegade Wrath Scoped Helmet Shadow Storm Body Armor Shadow Storm Comms
Shadow Storm Cutters Shadow Storm Helmet Shadow Storm Vector Sinister Cargos
Smokescream Stealth Force Stalkers Stealth Helmet Subzero Goggles Core
Subzero Jacket Core Subzero Pants Core Subzero Pouch Belt Core Subzero Railgun Core
Tactical Stealth Armored Pads Tactical Stealth Concealed Rage Tactical Stealth Crushers Tactical Stealth Eliminator
Tactical Stealth Signal Tracker Takedown Cargos Takedown Helm Takedown M2010 Rifle
Takedown Scalper Takedown Vest Target Tracker Titanium Shadow
Whisper Winter Stalker Armor Winter Stalker Rucksack Winter Stalker Sniper
Winter Stalker Snow Shoes Winter Stalker Visor


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