All information about the research project (Regular) Troop Defense in Mobile Strike including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Troop Defense Bonus Commander XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Research Facility 16
20K Stone
20K Oil
15K Iron
20K Food
10.0K Coin
04:00:00 1.0% (inc)
1.0% (cum)
40K 500 3.0
2 Research Facility 16 40K Stone
40K Oil
30K Iron
40K Food
25K Coin
10:00:00 2.0% (inc)
3.0% (cum)
80K 1,250 3.0
3 Research Facility 17 80K Stone
80K Oil
60K Iron
80K Food
63K Coin
1d 01:00:00 4.0% (inc)
7.0% (cum)
120K 3,125 3.0
4 Research Facility 17 160K Stone
160K Oil
120K Iron
160K Food
156K Coin
2d 14:30:00 6.0% (inc)
13.0% (cum)
160K 7,810 3.0
5 Research Facility 18 320K Stone
320K Oil
240K Iron
320K Food
391K Coin
6d 12:15:00 8.0% (inc)
21.0% (cum)
200K 19,525 3.0
6 Research Facility 18 640K Stone
640K Oil
480K Iron
640K Food
976K Coin
16d 06:36:40 10.0% (inc)
31.0% (cum)
240K 48,810 3.0
7 Research Facility 19 1.28M Stone
1.28M Oil
960K Iron
1.28M Food
2.44M Coin
40d 16:31:40 15.0% (inc)
46.0% (cum)
280K 122,025 3.0
8 Research Facility 19 2.56M Stone
2.56M Oil
1.92M Iron
2.56M Food
6.10M Coin
101d 17:18:20 20.0% (inc)
66.0% (cum)
320K 305,060 3.0
9 Research Facility 20 5.12M Stone
5.12M Oil
3.84M Iron
5.12M Food
15.25M Coin
254d 07:15:00 25.0% (inc)
91.0% (cum)
360K 762,650 3.0
10 Research Facility 21
(Regular) Artillery Defense 10
10.24M Stone
10.24M Oil
7.68M Iron
10.24M Food
38.13M Coin
635d 18:06:40 40.0% (inc)
131.0% (cum)
400K 1,906,625 3.0
11 Register to Supply Data
12 Register to Supply Data
13 Register to Supply Data
14 Register to Supply Data
15 Register to Supply Data
16 Register to Supply Data
17 Register to Supply Data
18 Register to Supply Data
19 Register to Supply Data
20 Register to Supply Data
Total Research Facility 21
(Regular) Artillery Defense 10
20.46M Stone
20.46M Oil
15.35M Iron
20.46M Food
63.55M Coin
1059d 11:33:20 131.0% 2.20M 3,177,380 3.0

Currently we do not have complete information on this research category yet, if you have missing information, please let us know via the User Comments or send us an e-mail to the address in the footer of this page. Please make sure to provide the original time and undiscounted resource requirements and do not forget the university/academy level required and the Power increase.

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