All information about the special skill Rebel Target Level 2 in Mobile Strike including how it can be unlocked.
Name Rebel Target Level 2
Description Allows your commander to hit level 2 Rebel Targets
Unlocked by Rebel Target Level 2 1

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An overview of all buildings and research necessary to unlock Rebel Target Level 2.
Unit Stone Oil Iron Food Coin Special Items Original Time
Armory 1-5 5.6K 7.5K 15K 5.6K 00:38:45
Headquarters 1-6 42K 42K 17K 21K 05:04:40
Iron Mine 1-5 1.9K 1.9K 1.9K 00:40:60
Research Facility 1-6 22K 22K 8.7K 13K 01:44:60
Wall 1-5 21K 17K 6.4K 11K 00:52:30
Warehouse 1-5 7.5K 7.5K 5.7K 3.8K 00:31:00
Rebel Target Level 1 1 5.0K 5.0K 5.0K 10.0K 10.0K 00:30:00
Energy Recovery I 1-4 81K 81K 154K 154K 2d 03:30:00
Commander Deployment Speed 1-4 81K 81K 154K 184K 8d 14:00:00
Commander Critical Hit I 1-4 81K 81K 154K 154K 2d 03:30:00
Rebel Target Level 2 1 50K 50K 50K 100K 100K 13:00:00
Totals 317K 315K 270K 628K 601K Building: 09:32:55
Research: 13d 10:30:00

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