Title Review Date Video Rating Summary
Spider Solitaire Mar 19, 2021 Yes 7 Simple but good Spider Solitaire game.
Castle Solitaire Mar 24, 2021 Yes 7 Always nice to see a well done solitaire game that is different from the usual.
Spades Card Game Mar 25, 2021 Yes 7 Nice card game, well done.
Two Dots Mar 31, 2021 Yes 8 Nice concept, but everything around the connect the dots game is confusing.
Addiction Solitaire Apr 1, 2021 Yes 7 Nice game, but why not use a full deck?
Solitaire Apr 27, 2021 Yes 7 Solitaire is simple, but this game is well made.
Solitaire Cruise Tripeaks Card Jun 13, 2021 Yes 7 Nice, but seems a bit too focussed on monetization.

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