The Basics

Classic solitaire game. Played with one full deck of cards, the starting position is 7 lanes of cards with one open card on top of each lane and under those an increasing amount of closed cards (0 in lane 1 to 6 in lane 7). The remaining cards are closed. You can move one (or more) cards from one lane to another when the lane you move too has as top open card a card of one value higher than the bottom card of the cards you move. So a red 8 can be moved on top of a black 9, a set of three cards red jack, black 10, red 9 can be moved on top of a black queen. When moving cards between lanes results in a closed card being on top of a lane, you can open this closed card. There are also 4 piles for each suit where you can place the cards in order Ace, two, three, ... to King. You can one by one open the cards from the drawing stack, the opened cards are placed on top of each other, so you have always only one visible. These open cards can be placed on top of a lane if they meet the same condition as for moving lanes, or they can be placed on the 4 piles of suits, if they match the corresponding criteria as well.

Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells - Tutorial and Review

05/05/2021 - -

Tutorial and Review of the puzzle game Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells.


The difficulty is in the initial distribution, some are harder than others. When I was first introduced to this game we didn't draw the closed cards one-by-one, but with a set of three, so not all cards were accessible, which made it a lot more difficult.


Variation is also only in the different ways the cards are distributed.


As all MobilityWare the visuals are not fancy. You get very clear cards, which is what I am looking for in these type of games.

Free vs Paid

There is a premium subsscription that removes ads and offers some additonal functionality like a daily challenge and different themes.

Is It Any Good?

I give Solitaire 7 out of 10 stars. Solitaire is simple, but this game is well made.

Gaming Studio MobilityWare
Subcategories Cards
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Reviewed on Apr 27, 2021

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