All information relating to the boost type Wood Gathering Speed in Rise of Kingdoms including what research projects increase Wood Gathering Speed and what the best gear is for Wood Gathering Speed.
Name Wood Gathering Speed
Type Percentage
Category Max Boost
Research Projects 50.0%
Commander Talent Tree 30.0%
All Commander Skills (Constance) 20.0%
All Commander Skills (Cleopatra VII) 20.0%
Total 120.0%

Research Projects Giving Wood Gathering Speed Boost

Research Project Research Category Total Boost
Handaxe Economic 15.0%
Whipsaw Economic 35.0%

Lord Skills Giving Wood Gathering Speed Boost

Lord Skill Skill Tree Total Boost
Gathering Mastery (Wood) I Gathering 30.0%

All Commander Skills Giving Wood Gathering Speed Boost

Hero Boost
Constance 20.0%
Cleopatra VII 20.0%
Gaius Marius 15.0%

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