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Welcome to our first guide on the mobile game Star Wars: Force Arena!

Star Wars Force Arena is a hybrid mobile game between card collection game and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), which sets in the Star Wars universe. In this game you will gradually meet and collect many famous characters and familiar units from the Star Wars universe in the form of cards to represent your sides, which in turn can be used to duel against other players online; either 1 versus 1 or in a team game 2 versus 2. In the course of the game you will be able to collect various materials and means necessary to upgrade your cards collection. Upgrading your cards is absolutely essential to your success in this game, because the longer you play then the higher your player level will be and you will meet tougher opponents, too.


When you launch the game after the installation process is completed the game will take you right away to tutorial step to introduce you to the various game mechanics and interface that you need to familiarize yourself with, such as how to control your main leader, how to move around the battlefield, how to attack enemies, and how to activate your leader’s special ability. The tutorial will also teach you how to deploy cards from your deck as reinforcements which you can bring into the battlefield to help with your battles for certain energy costs.


In this game there are two opposite sides that you can choose from to represent, you may choose to fight for the Rebel Alliance, or you may choose to fight for the Galactic Empire. Each side has their own distinct sets of cards which represent heroes or leaders and unique units, structures, and equipments which are all unique and have their own different advantages and disadvantages for each side. During the course of the game you are able to acquire cards from both sides and make decks out of your card collection for both sides, although you have to choose which deck from 1 side you are going to use each time whenever you want to play against other players online.


Source of a Card:

Cards that are available in this game can be obtained through opening Free Daily Booster Packs, opening Booster Packs that you get each time you won a game against online opponent, from opening rarer and more expensive Booster Packs available at The Shop, from buying single cards available at the shop, from trading away your bulk duplicate cards at the trading post in exchange for random cards, or as any mission or event rewards.

Anatomy of a Card:

Any Star Wars: Force Arena cards usually have:

  • Card Name
  • Card Rarity
  • Card Current Level
  • Card Current Statistics and Special Abilities
  • Card Upgrade Costs

Card Name

Cards are named according to distinct entities, units, structures, or equipments that are available in the Star Wars Universe.

Card Rarity Cards that you can collect during the course of the game have different rarity grades. The rarity is colour-coded to make it easier for you to organize your card collection, and to choose from whenever you want to compose your decks. There are 4 rarity grades for cards available in Star Wars: Force Arena; which are:
  • Common Cards (White colour)
  • Rare Cards (Blue colour)
  • Legendary Cards (Yellow colour)
  • Unique Cards (Orange colour)

Common Cards:

The easiest type of cards to obtain from booster packs, usually cards that is needed to form the back bone of Beginner Level decks. Easiest to obtain, easiest and cheapest to upgrade, usually have standard statistics and capabilities, and usually is quite cheap in regards to energy costs to deploy into the battlefield. Source of Common Cards include Daily Free Booster Packs,

Rare Cards:

A bit harder to obtain, harder and more expensive than Common Cards to upgrade, these cards usually have better statistics and capabilities and more pronounced effect on the battlefield than Common Cards. These cards also generally cost more to deploy into the battlefield than Common Cards. Source of Rare Cards include Daily Free Booster Packs,

Legendary Cards:

Most hard to obtain and to upgrade, also most expensive to upgrade. These cards usually represents your iconic Star Wars Leaders and therefore have excellent statistics and multiple capabilities, exert most profound effects on the battlefield by their presence, making them the most valuable assets you can bring into any battlefield.

As Legendary Cards usually represents your Leaders, they are immediately deployed on the battlefield right from the start to lead your forces, and they do not cost you anything for that.

Unique Cards:

Belong under this category usually are cards which might represent Heroes, Characters, or Vehicles which are close companion of certain Leaders in the Star Wars Universe, or are vehicles used by the Leaders . They are also most hard to obtain, to upgrade, and also more expensive than Rare Cards to upgrade. These Unique Cards can only be put into decks that contain their companions or users as Leaders, and they have unique abilities which might be triggered on special conditions along with their companions. Together with their Leader companions they will boost the strength of the deck significantly.

Source of Legendary and Unique Cards can be obtained only from certain rare, most expensive booster packs or when you do exchange cards at the trading post.

Cards that you are going to be able to collect in this game can be broken down into several categories.

They are:

  • Cards that represent Leaders
  • Cards that represent battlefield Units and Structures reinforcements
  • Cards that represent Equipments that you may use to alter and influence battle conditions
  • Cards that represent Off-map Fire Support that you can call if needed
  • Cards that represent Unique Leader Companions

Upgrading Your Cards

Upgrading cards is very essential and critical, if you wish to be successful in your battles. Upgraded, higher level cards have better statistics (bigger health point, attack more often, and hit harder). Upgrading cards has costs, and the costs will increase the higher level of a card you wish to attain. Upgrade costs comes in the form of sufficient number of in-game resources, namely:

  • Sufficient number of cards which is identical to the card you plan to upgrade
  • Sufficient amount of credits to pay for the upgrade process

Aside from getting improvements in the card’s combat performance, each time you upgrade a card you will get a certain amount of player XP bonus.

Crystals and Credits

Crystals is used to purchase items and Credits, or to open Card Packs instantly. You can obtain Crystals by purchasing from the game with real money, each time you open a booster pack, when you accomplish daily missions, or by getting it for free from occasional daily events.

Credits is used to pay your cards upgrade costs, or to trade your cards for other cards. You can get Credits by exchanging for them with certain amount of Crystals, when you accomplish daily missions, from occasional daily events, and each time when you open a booster pack.

Trading Post

Once you reached Player Level 3, you have the option to trade at the Trading Post. When you visit the trading post you can trade away your excess bulk cards for a random card which has a higher rarity grade than the cards you are trading away. You may trade away cards once every 6 hours.

  • 10 bulk Common cards can be exchanged for 1 random Rare card
  • 10 bulk Rare cards can be exchanged for 1 random Epic card
  • 10 bulk Epic cards can be exchanged for 1 random Unique card
  • 1 Unique card can be exchanged for 1 random Unique card
  • 1 Legendary card can be exchanged for 1 random Legendary card
  • This system ensures that even if you get a lot of similar cards, they are never going to be outright useless –unlike what you usually experience from collecting and playing any trading card games- , because you can always use the excess cards to upgrade your existing similar cards, or at the occasions when you do not need them at all you can always trade them away at the Trading Post for some other cards that you might need more.

    Trading option is only available every 6 hours.


    A visit to the shop will give you options to:

    • Buy Duo Booster Pack which contains 1 random Leader and his/her exact companion at the cost of 1250 Crystals each
    • Buy single cards on offer at the cost of Credits; the price tags on the offered cards varied according to their rarity grades. Common cards cost 16 Credits, Rare cards cost 180 Credits, and Epic cards cost 3000 Credits. Cards on offer will be renewed periodically every 6 hours
    • Buy Rare Booster Packs at the cost of Crystals. A Gold Pack costs 110 Crystals, a Platinum Pack costs 910 Crystals, and a Diamond Pack costs 1980 Crystals
    • Buy Crystals using real money. Quantities of Crystals offered are 270,1100,2400,6500,14000
    • Buy Credits using Crystals. The amount of credits you will get and the Crystals costs are:
      • 2000 Credits for 48 Crystals
      • 10000 Credits for 220 Crystals
      • 50000 Credits for 1000 Crystals
      • 200000 Credits for 3800 Crystals
      • 500000 Credits for 9000 Crystals

    Player XP, Player Rank, Player Tier

    Player level influence the health points of Shield Generator and Fixed Turret Gun Emplacements, and influence the damage Fixed Turret Gun Emplacements deal. To increase player level, you need to accumulate enough experience points required for the next level. You can obtain experience points by constantly upgrading your cards.

    Player tier influences the quality of reward in the form of victory booster packs contents. Higher tiers yield more Credits, more Crystals, and better victory reward booster packs’ card qualities and quantities. Players increase their tiers with the accumulation of Players Points, which is given when players completed a battle.

    There are 7 tiers in the game. Each Tier has 3 Divisions based on points, symbolized by 1-3 Stars.

    • The lowest tier is Duracrete, starts from player points 0
    • The 2nd tier is Carbonite, starts from player points 100
    • The 3rd tier is Durasteel, starts from player points 400
    • The 4th tier is Bronzium, starts from player points 900
    • The 5th tier is Chromium, starts from player points 1900
    • The 6th tier is Aurodium, starts from player points 3400
    • The 7th tier, the highest tier is Kyber, starts from player points 5600

    Tier of a player influence the quality of the rewards in booster packs awarded for each victory in battle.

    • Tier 1 Pack contains around 100 Credits, 10 Crystals, and 5 Common Cards.
    • Tier 2 Pack contains around 150 Credits, 15 Crystals, and 10 Common Cards.
    • Tier 3 Pack contains around 200 Credits, 20 Crystals, and 4 Rare Cards.
    • Tier 4 Pack contains around 300 Credits, 30 Crystals, and 8 Rare Cards.
    • Tier 5 Pack contains around 500 Credits, 50 Crystals, and 3 Epic Cards.
    • Tier 6 Pack contains around 700 Credits, 70 Crystals, and 6 Epic Cards.
    • Tier 7 Pack contains around 900 Credits, 90 Crystals, and 9 Epic Cards.

    Rank of a player will be displayed once he/she reaches level 7

    Season for Player Tiers ends every 1 week. At the end of the season, players who have 5600 or more rating points will have their points reset to the minimum for their tier. A bonus reward of 1 Crystals will be awarded for every 10 points above the threshold (Up to 300 Crystals).

    Premium Boosters

    The presence of Premium Booster in the Reward Section will impart certain benefits; namely to decrease victory pack opening time, and to give 1 extra slot for victory packs you won during your battles. Normally there are 4 empty slots for your victory packs. If you have Premium Booster effect then you will have access to 1 extra empty slot. Premium Booster will give its effects only for 24 hrs. You can get extra Premium Booster(s) from daily announcements bonus, or you may purchase them directly when you don’t have one.

    Play Packs

    Each time a player accumulates 10 Player Points by playing enough battles, he/she will receive 1 Play Pack. Play Pack is available once every 24 hours.

    Booster Packs

    Booster packs contain resources you need to play the game in the form of Cards, Credits, and Crystals. The rarity grade of cards inside Booster Packs depends on the rarity of the Booster Packs themselves. Various types of booster packs exist. You get a Victory Booster Pack according to your tier each time you win a battle, which will be put into the Victory Booster Packs Rewards Slots. Depending on whether you have a Premium Booster in effect or no, you can keep between 4 to 5 Victory Booster Packs in your Rewards Slots. Opening Victory Booster Packs costs time, or Crystals; depending on how soon you want them opened. If you want to open a Victory Booster Pack instantly, then you need to pay the cost with Crystals. If you are willing to wait a certain period of time once you unlock a Victory Booster Pack to open it, then after the waiting period expired you may open the Victory Booster Pack for free. You may unlock a Victory Booster Pack and wait once at a time. Even if you have 4 other Victory Booster Packs, it is not possible to unlock all of them and enter them into the waiting queue.

    Every 4 hours passed, you are given a free Bronze Booster Pack. Booster Packs of various types are also available occasionally from daily announcements. Booster Packs of better rarity qualities are also available for purchases from The Shop. Opening booster packs from The Shop generally costs you Crystals. The required Crystals you need to pay for the booster packs varied on the base of booster packs rarity grade.

    Deck Construction

    Each player has a total of eight empty slots in his/her deck. 1 slot is reserved for the Leader, and the rest are for a mix of squad cards and support cards out of the total card collection for each faction owned by the players. Both players draw their hands automatically at the start of a battle, the size of the opening hands are 3 for each player, and the cards drawn from the deck for the 1st hands are random. Players will see their next drawn card, which will be drawn into their hands once players deploy 1 card into the battlefield from their hands. Used cards will be recycled into the deck by the bottommost order.

    In the Deck Section there are information displayed regarding your current sum of card collection out of the total possible collected for each factions. To construct or edit your deck, then choose ‘Edit’ and it will open up to show your card collection. Those cards arts displayed in colour means that you have already acquired the card. Grey shadowed card arts means that you have not yet collected the said cards. You can sort your card collection for easier deckbuilding into 3 categories; Rarity, Energy Cost, and Type. To sort your cards then choose the little box with 3 horizontal bars next to ‘Edit’ button.

    You construct your deck by dragging your chosen cards from your card pool into slots in your deck which you want to replace with your chosen cards.

    Once you are satisfied with your selection of cards that makes up your deck, then you can close the deck construction process by choosing ‘Close’.

    Type of Cards:


    You may choose 1 of your collection of Legendary cards to act as the leader who will lead your chosen side into battle. Leaders are deployed into the battlefield as the 1st card immediately when the battle starts and does not cost any energy points. Leaders impart powerful presence in the battlefield with its special abilities and inherent abilities.

    Your leader has energy to call down reinforcements to help him/her in the battlefield which will cost the leader certain Energy amount. The maximum capacity of a leader’s energy is 10 energy cells. Leader usually recharges energy at the rate of 1 energy cell every 3 seconds. There are leaders that have inherent ability which modifies his/her energy recharge rate by making it recharges faster.

    If your leader died in battle, then you have to wait for 3 seconds before your leader would be revived, initially. Each time your leader dies the waiting to respawn period will be increased by 1 second.


    These are your reinforcements, they will help you with their presence on the battlefield for Leaders certainly cannot win the battle alone. Some Squads are the companion of their respective Leaders, they are unique and usually have good abilities that will complement their Leader companions better.


    These are equipments you can use to get an instant battlefield effect such as grenades, traps, mines, speed boosters, etc.; or as an off map fire support which you can call down to help you turn the tide of battle or to press your advantage.


    These are turrets you can deploy at your chosen strategic location on the map to help with the battle. Bear in mind that turrets have certain lifetime, once their lifetime expires then the turrets you deployed will disappear.

    Mix of Cards Consideration

    Try to think what is the best strategy of play which revolved around your leader’s inherent ability and his/her special abilities. Also consider his/her health points and form of normal attacks. Once you think you got the best strategy of play most suitable with your current chosen Leader, then you may begin putting in Squads, Supports, and Structure cards which you think will help you best implement that strategy.

    Energy cost consideration Some reinforcement cards have cheap Energy Cost and some others have expensive Energy Cost. Since your Leader’s Energy Bar recharges slowly from the beginning of battles then you want to ensure that there are enough cards in your deck that you can deploy soon at the early moments of each battles. Filling your deck with all high Energy Cost cards is not a good idea even if their statistics and abilities might be excellent, unless perhaps your chosen Leader has inherent ability that modifies his/her Energy Bar recharge rate.


    Game Arena

    Shape of the arena

    The Arena where you will do battles against your opponents is a horizontal, rectangular shaped area. There is 1 base for each side at each ends of the Arena, and there are 2 lanes up and bottom lanes that will lead into the opponent’s base. In the middle of the map usually there is a natural obstacle/structure dividing the map into 2 sides evenly, and each side of the map is connected to each other with either 2 paths or 2 bridges at the top and bottom lanes.

    Players always start the battle with their Leaders spawned on the left side of the Arena.

    Locations of Fixed turrets and shield generator: each side has 3 Defensive Turrets and 1 Shield Generator protecting each of the player’s bases. Top Defensive Turret guarding the topmost lane, Center Defensive Turret guarding the base Shield Generator in the middle, and bottom Defensive Turret guarding the bottommost lane.

    Locations of health packs. To heal your injured Leader, there are 1 Health Packs spawned behind each of the top and bottom Defensive Turrets, which will re-spawn after a certain period of time if it was used.


    At the upper left corner is located the minimap that acts as a radar to help players. Location of Leaders, Squads, Defensive Turrets, and Shield Generators are available all the time real time at the minimap. It is a good habit to instinctively check the minimap frequently to assess current battle situation and help you make a better decision on which lane to be pushed, which lane need to be defended, and what to do best with your current cards in hand.

    Battle Objective

    The battle is won when a player is able to accomplish 1 of these main battle objectives within the allocated battle time frame:

    • Eliminate 2 out of 3 enemy’s Defensive Turrets
    • Eliminate enemy’s Shield Generator

    If by the end of the allocated battle time frame neither one of the players were able to achieve either 1 of those 2 main battle objectives, the battle will result in a draw.

    Leaders died for the first time need to wait 3 seconds time period initially, before they are resurrected and allowed to resume the battle again. Each time after the first time a Leader died, he/she will have to wait for that 3 seconds plus an extra of 1 second longer which will accumulate throughout the ongoing battle. So, it is a good idea to try to preserve your Leader’s life as long as possible to avoid having your Leader out of the battle longer and longer; since it is only with your Leader’s presence you may keep on deploying reinforcements into the battlefield to help achieve the main battle objectives. Likewise although it is not one of the main battle objectives, killing the enemy Leader each time a good opportunity arises will ensure your battle plan will go smoother in the long run with less hindrance and distractions from the enemy Leader.

    Reinforcements will stay on the battlefield until they are eliminated or until their duration of existence expired. Destroyed or expired reinforcements will not revive by themselves, you need to summon them again into the battlefield by paying their energy cost provided that the corresponding reinforcement cards are in your current hand.

    This concludes our Beginners Guide for Star Wars: Force Arena.

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