Chief Gear Badges can be added to your chief equipment and provide extra boosts. This guide explains how they work, how to add them to equipments, and how to get the required materials.

State of Survival Chief XP Level Gear and Medals

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Tips on the importance of Chief EXP level, Gear and Medals and how to improve/get these.

The Basics

There are three different badge shapes that correspond to badge slots on your chief gear. Once equipped the badges give your troops extra combat boosts. Badges can be crafted and equipped in the Chief Gear section of the Workshop building once you have reached Headquarters 25.

Different Shapes of Badges

There are three different shapes of badges. The round shape badges provide Hunter Lethality and Health boosts, the hexagon shape badges Rider Lethality and Health and the shield shape badges Infantry Lethality and Health.

Enhancing Badges

Badges can be enhanced to improve their benefit. The initial Badges (Mercenary) can be enhanced from level 1 to level 2, afterwards to Office 1 and 2 and finally Commander 1, 2 and 3. This starts at 8.85% boosts per badge and at Commander 3 provides 35.39% benefit per badge.

How Does Crafting and Enhancing Badges Work?

In a recent version of the game crafting and enhancing badges was simplified. Since I already had badges for all slots before the change, I don't know the exact method that needs to be used, but it should be simple. You need two ingredients, Mercenary Influence and Badge Tags, both acquired from the Capital Clash as point and rank rewards. The Badge Tags still seem a bit weird to me, it might seem you don't have them when you want to craft or enhance a badge, but you can click on the Get More button and that actually allows you to select the Badge Tags you have.

Crafting and Enhancing Badges is done in the Chief Gear section of the Workshop. You should select Badge Enhance and select the piece of Gear for which you want to craft or enhance your badges.

Getting Badge Ingredients

To my knowledge there is only one free way to get the ingredients for Badges, which is via the Capital Clash event. Both point and ranking rewards for this event contain the required Mercenary Influence and Badge Tags. Although winning the Capital Clash is something for only the top players and alliances, anyone can score some points. I have written some separate guides on the Capital Clash and some tips on Healing, which will be helpful. These are linked below.


For certain events you get points for increasing the Chief Badge Score. In below table you find the scores of all levels.

Badge Level Score Difference with
Previous Level
Mercenary Grade 1 625 -
Mercenary Grade 2 1,875 1,250
Officer Grade 1 5,000 3,125
Officer Grade 2 13,750 8,750
Commander Grade 1 25,000 11,250
Commander Grade 2 37,500 12,500
Commander Grade 3 50,000 12,500


This should provide a basic understanding how to use Badges. Don't underestimate their importance, even at the basic level if you have 6 of each you get 53.1% Lethality and Health for all your troops. In case you have any questions or tips, please share in the comment section.

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