During a lot of different ways of combat troops get wounded instead of dying. This guide explains the basics and gives tips on how to best heal and prevent troops from dying.

State of Survival Capital Clash

05/02/2020 - -

Explanation of when troops get wounded, the importance of hospital capacity and healing speed, and a tip on how to use alliance help to heal large amounts of troops fast.

When do troops get Wounded?

I might have missed a situation, but I think only when you attack another player in his settlement will part of your troops kill, in all other situations (e.g. if you are attacked in your settlement, if you attack/defend on a resource tile, if you attack/defend in Capital or Tower) your troops will get wounded first and only die if you don't have enough hospital capacity.

From my experience normally your losses will be split into 35% Wounded (for which you need your hospital) and 65% Lightly Wounded (which are automatically healed).

Hospital Capacity

Hospital Capacity is very important, the higher it is the more troops can get wounded before they start dying. Upgrading your Hospital to an as high level as possible is an important step, but surprisingly you get significantly more hosital capacity from the More Beds projects in the Development Research Category. In addition you can get small amounts via the Hospital Capacity projects in the Ecnomy Talent Tree, but this is in my eyes quite useless, because you want your talent to be set for War when you are doing battle (and besides that, the amounts you get from these talent projects are very small).

Retraining troops is very expensive (timewise) compared to healing them, so always make sure before attacking whether you still have enough hospital capacity to cover your losses. Always assume the worst, loss of a complete march.

Healing Speed

The healing speed boost is important for the speed with which you can heal troops, although the tips I share in the next paragraph are more important. Still things will go faster if you have a high healing speed boost. There are two main ways to get a high healing speed. One is via the Battle Dressing research projects in the Development Research Category, the other the Battle Dressing projects in the Economy Talent Tree. If you have to heal significant amounts of troops, and you are not in the middle of battle, it is worth it to switch your talent tree to Economy, take the bottom path, that is where all the Battle Dressing projects are.

In the Economy Talent tree there is also a 10% Instant Healing talent. Useful, but not again following the tips in the next paragraph will give more benefit.

Healing Resource Cost

In my experience the resources required to heal are not so much, so the limiting factor is the time only.

Using Alliance Helps

When you heal troops you can ask your alliance to help you, like with construction and research. By healing in small batches, depending on the number of alliance members online, you can do 30-60 minutes worth of healing within 1 minute. This requires some dedication from yourself and your alliance members, but if many are active online you can heal fully filled hospitals in a matter of hours. If you would heal in one big batch, you can only get a maximum amount of help (e.g. 3 hours) and the remaining time (days) you need to wait out or speed up.

Agree upfront with your alliance to do this, for example after a bunker of capital clash event, we are all going to stay online for at least another hour to help eachother heal.

Although the number of Alliance Helps you can receive is important, for this specific method not so crucial, likely you will heal in batches which require less helps to completely speed up. What is important is the Timer Help Duration, this is the number of seconds of help you receive from each alliance help. This can be increased by increasing your Assembly Point and via Alliance Tech.

As a practical point, make sure your Assembly Point and Hospital buildings are located next to eachother so that you can easily switch between clicking the Help icon above the Assembly Point building, and starting a new batch of troops to heal.


This should help you heal large amounts of troops fast with the help of your alliance.

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