The Basics

Combination of tetris and sudoka where you have to place blocks in a 9x9 field and if you have a row, column, or sudoku square filled, they are removed. You get new blocks in sets of 3. No rotation of blocks possible.


Since there is no one specific goal, it is impossible to judge the difficulty. I do miss the rotation of blocks, which would make it easier to play, but at the same time more challenging as it opens more options. It would have made more sense to me if as soon as you place a block it is filled up again with a new block, as it is now you don't know what comes ahead after you have placed the 3rd block of a set, which introduces more luck of the draw than necessary.


The lack of variation is the biggest drawback of playing this game. You can try to improve your highscore, but that is it.


The look of the game is functional, nothing fancy.

Free vs Paid

I have not found an option to pay. There are ads, butthey are not too intrusive.


There are daily challenges, but they are too simple.

Is It Any Good?

I give Woodoku out of 10 stars. Concepually nice, but too simple to be engaging for a long period of time.

Reviewed by Pim Beers on 2020-11-28

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