Each day you can complete Daily Rewards to get some resources, experience and various goodies. Typically you will find if you actively play you already score quite some points and it will just be a little extra effort to score enough points to win the highest prize. This guide contains a description of all activities you can score points for for the daily reward prize targets.

Guns of Glory Daily Rewards Guide

12/05/2017 - -

Explanation of the Daily Rewards in the game Guns of Glory, including example on how to complete all of them, and explanation why it is so important.

There is a Daily Rewards menu in the Inn (located outside the inner wall, to the right), where you can see the points you can still get for each activity and where you can claim your prizes.

Sign In

Just sign in to the game. Normally you get the sign in bonus the moment you sign in, but if this fails for some reason you can click on the dock area in front of the daily shipment ship.

Collect Tributes

Collect 5 Tributes from the building outside the city wall with the timer. The timers are quite short (they become longer the more tributes you have claimed on a day), so this should be easy.

Use Resource Items

During normal game play you will receive thousands of 1,000 Food and Wood items. These can be used in case you do not really need resources. Open 5 of them to score the maximum points.

Reinforce Allies

No need to wait until an ally is attacked, just click on their city and Reinforce them with 1000 troops to score max points. Once you have done this, you can recall them.

Market Stall in Exchange Building

Each day you can do new trades at the Market Stall in the Exchange building (located just above the entrance of your Wall). You need to do a total of 10 to score maximum points. Typically I can do that by just doing favorable resource trades. You can do a few free refreshes of the trades each day.

Help Allies

Providing Helps for your alliance members (via your Embassy, or the Alliance - Help menu) is something you always need to do anyway. If you are in a large active alliance it should be no problem to score maximum points by providing 25 Helps early on in the game (until players become less active and/or resource requirements and timers become so large many people might not restart new timers daily.

Alliance Donations

You can Donate for Alliance Tech in the Alliance - Donations menu. You should do this anyway to make your alliance stronger. Donate 20 times to score maximum points.

Kill Beasts

There are many beasts of different levels on the world map. Kill 5 beasts to score maximum points.

Rally Red Guard Camps

There are Red Guard Camps on the world map. Set a rally on one of them, or join a rally set by your alliance members, and defeat one to score maximum points.

Heal Troops

Troops that you lose when you are attacked, or when you attack beasts or Red Guard Camps, end up in your hospital. In your Hospital building you can heal your wounded troops. Heal a total of 30 to score maximum points.

Gather Food, Wood, Iron, Silver

Gather the required amount of each resource type to score the maximum points.

Boost Lumberyard, Farms, Iron Mines, Silver Mines

You can speed the production of your resource buildings for the duration of 1 day. This can be done by clicking on the building and either paying the gold or using one of the boosts you have. During normal game play you get some boosts, so you do not need to spend gold on this. Speed up two of each building type to score maximum points. Unless I have plenty of boosts I only use this if I am unable to score enough points to win maximum prize without this.

Upgrade Buildings

Upgrade any building to get maximum points. Early on this should be very easy, until you are at a later stage n the game when timers become very long.

You can score maximum points by just doing one building upgrades. As long as your building upgrades do not take more than one day yet, this should be very easy.

Trade Station

Once you have built the Trade Station building you can send resources to your alliance members. Send a total of 4500 to score maximum points.


You can score maximum points by just doing one research project. Again this should be very easy early on, until you are at a later stage and either timers become very long, or you do not have enough resources to keep research going.

Train Infantry/Cavalry/Distance/Artillary Troops

Train a total of 250 troops of each type in the Barracks, Stables, Shooting Range and Artillery Foundry to score maximum points.

Build Traps

Build 200 Traps in the Trap Factory to score maximum points.

Synthesize Designs

With any beast you kill you have a chance of receive a Design Fragment. Once you have collected a certain amount of the same grade (number depends on the grade) you can Synthesize it to get a Design in the Armory in the Forge building. You get Design Fragments by killing Beasts. The higher the beast level, the higher the Design Fragment grade that can be dropped. Synthesize one Design to score maximum points.

Craft Equipment

In the Forge Building you can Craft equipment if you have a Design and the required materials and steel. Design you get by first collecting Design Fragments by killing beasts, and synthesizing design fragments to a design in the Armory (part of the Forge Building), materials and steel you can also get as prizes from killing beasts and various other game play. Forge one equipment to score maximum points.

Mystic Jackpot

By using one Prophecy Stone or paying 20 gold you can get a play the Mystic Jackpot at the Inn. This can give you some random prize, but you also score maximum points with one Mystic Jackpot.

Trade Used Arms

You can make Trades in the Munitions Exchange to get some resources. There is a daily limit of free Trades depending on your Munitions Exchange level, afterwards it costs an increasing amount of gold. You can also use a Used Arms item instead of gold to make Trades. Make 20 Trades to score maximum points. I typically only do the free Trades for Daily Rewards.


You can spin the Zodiac Wheel in the Inn to win some prizes. Each spin also gives you 3 points, for a maximum of 15 points with 5 spins. You get one free spin each day, additional spins cost 4 Sooth Stone.

Underworld Villain

The easiest way to achieve these points is by donating some Underworld Keys to the Underworld Gates building (this needs to be build by Alliance Leadership first). Alternatively you can score the points by joining a rally to kill the Underworld Monster once the Underworld Gates are opened, but the gates are not opened every day, and you might miss it. Donating Underworld Keys does not only give you the points for the Daily Rewards, but also guarantees you get the victory rewards when the Underworld Monster is slain.


There are a total of 7 prize levels. At levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 you get resources and Sooth Stone. In addition you get Tarot Stone at levels 3 and 7 as well.

At levels 2, 4, and 6 you get Lord EXP, Steel and a Red Guard Key. These Red Guard Keys are very important as when you have them, you will get a Bonus Red Guard Chest when you successfully rally a Red Guard Camp.

The prize stages 4 and 6 also give a Gallery Coin as prize.

In addition to these individual prizes the Daily Reward points scored by your alliance also determine the amount of alliance gift chests your alliance gets each day.


Since you do a lot of the Daily Reward activities anyway, it is good to pay attention to this. A little effort can provide you with useful prizes. Especially the three Red Guard keys each day, that in turn provide you with great extra prizes when rallying Red Guard Camps. If you have questions or other suggestions, please share in the comment section.

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