The material requirements for crafting the better equipment in Guns of Glory are huge. In this guide you will find some tips on different methods to acquire materials.

Guns of Glory Tips on Getting Materials

12/19/2017 - -

Explanation of how to get Materials in Guns of Glory, via dismantling equipment, killing beasts, rallying red guards, market stall, shooting gallery, and purchasing via gold.

Materials or Designs

Initially it might seem good Designs are toughest to come by, but when you play longer you will find that if you keep killing beasts regularly you will find quite ok Designs, and it is actually the material requirements to craft equipment from these designs that are hard to meet.

Dismantling Equipment

Unlike in some similar games, when you dismantle equipment in Guns of Glory you get back all materials (and Steel and Gemstones, only the Design gets lost), which means you don't have to worry about crafting any wrong equipment. Dismantling equipment is a great way of getting materials and sometimes you might consider dismantling a certain equipment so that you are able to craft a better version.

Killing Beasts

Killing Beasts gives you a chance at getting materials, sometimes more than one type at the same time. You can select materials and see which beast levels they drop, but I tend to just hit the highest level beasts anyway, since in my eyes this is best from overall perspective.

Rallying Red Guard Camps

You also have a chance at materials rallying Red Guard Camps, but these are less variable than others. In my experience I get plenty of those and purely for material purpose I prefer killing beasts, but rallying Red Guard Camps, especially as long as you have the Red Guard Keys, is beneficial as well.

Exchange Building

In the Market Stall in the Exchange building there are sometimes materials on offer for a discounted gold amount. Typically you are going to spend gold on materials anyway, so just purchasing any material for a discounted gold amount is likely going to be beneficial in the end.

In the Black Market in the Exchange building there are often materials on offer as well. In theory you can strike a good deal here, but I have also seen people overpaying or paying the exact prize for materials as well, which means trying to strike a good deal can also turn out to be a waste of gold and time.

Shooting Gallery

If you have purchased a pack the Shooting Gallery will be available as well. One of the possible reward screens contains quite some materials. I tend to always refresh until I get that screen and open 4 targets, this gets me a fair amount of some of the 4 basic materials.

Seasonal Events

Pay attention to seasonal events. You should do this anyway, but especially if materials are possible rewards.


In my eyes using gold to purchase materials is a good usage of your gold. You can't really go wrong, the material requirements will just increase with the better equipment.


This guide should give you some tips on how to get materials. If you have any questions or want to share other tips, please do so in the comment section below.

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