There is a regular Galaxy Star Event that you can focus on to get rewards. This guide deals with information relevant for doing well in the Construction Stage of the Galaxy Star Event.

Infinite Galaxy - Galaxy Star - Construction

05/04/2021 - -

Starfield Star Construction stage explanation and tips.

How to get Points

You get 10 points for every one power increase in building or research.

You can upgrade a building by going to the Command Center and selecting the building and clicking Upgrade, you can start a research project in the Research Center.


What is difficult in this game compared to other games is that the order of the stages is not always the same, so it is hard to start a large building upgrade or research project and time it so that it finishes during the upgrade stage. So far I have encountered the Construction stage as 2nd and 3rd stage of the Galaxy Star event, but I can't rule out it can also be 1st or 4th stage.

By stocking up on resources and speed ups, you have more flexibility for this event.

Having a large construction and research speed up also helps. I have written separate guides on research and speed up, these guides are linked at the bottom of this article.

Beginner's Tips

Activate the second construction queue to be able to upgrade two buildings simultaneously.

During the Galaxy Star always try to have two large building upgrades and one research project running which if necessay you can speed up to complete during the construction stage.

Tools and Data on this Website

For this website I am collecting all data for building upgrades and research projects, and have a tool to help you make a selection from available research projects, as well as tools to keep track of your resources and speed ups. See the links below.

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