This guide explains the various Research Categories in Infinite Galaxy, and suggests some focus.

Infinite Galaxy - Research

04/30/2021 - -

Explaining the research categories, suggesting what to focus on, and how to improve your research speed.


In the Research Center building you can do research to improve all kind of aspects of your account. Just like building upgrades research requires resources and takes time. Upgrading the Research Center unlocks new projects and makes new project levels available. Research Speed can be improved in various ways.


In this category you can improve the gathering and planet gathering rates for all resources. Since resources (instead of time) are the restriction in your growth it is good to put a lot of focus on this tree.

Most of the projects here are useful, but since you have to make some choices, I offer the following tips: If you find yourself always using planet gathering for one specific resource (e.g. Titanium), you can better put effort into increasing the planet gathering benefit (the relative/percentage increase gives more benefit than the absolute increase) of that resource and research the general resource gathering rate for the other resources. Troop Load can have a lower urgency, and storage protection as well (unless your spaceport is attacked regularly).


The Development tree contains a large variety of useful projects. The Modulized Construction and Cloud Computing projects provide an increase in construction and research speed. Both useful for sure, although for me resources are more of an issue than time. There are a couple of projects like Spaceport Teleport, Fleet Probe Fortify, Multiple Star System Probe, that unlock a certain functionality, for sure worth to do these as soon as you can.

The Expand Dock projects increase your building queue. Early on in the game very useful as it allows you to build more warships when you are not online.

Spaceship Production Line Optimized increases the speed of building warships, also a useful project. Early on if you are not on much, it might not make a huge difference, but as you unlock higher tier warships and timers get huge, this will be a great boost.

Energy Recovery is one of my favorites. Killing Marauders is a great way to get resources, and if you recover your energy faster you can kill more Marauders each day.

Repair Layer Optimized and Fortify Flagship Repair are useful if you are in war a lot, they increase the repair speed of warships and flagships.

Fast Hull Sealing converts losses to severely damages warships. This is a very useful boost if you are an aggressive player, you will always want to limit permanent losses.

Battlefield Recycle and Dock Expansion influence the leadership limit for accepting damages warships in the repair center. This will be very useful to limit permanent losses.

Note: There are two Dock Expansion II projects in the tree, the first one should be called Expand Dock II, it provides the same boost as Expand Dock.


The most important feature of this tree is unlocking new tier warships. There isn't actually a huge amount of choice in this tree. From tier 5 warships onwards you need to complete the previous combat research to the highest level, so if you want to unlock all the warships (which you should) you have to research the tree almost completely anyway.

The first sets of Firepower, HP and Defense projects are an exception, you could stop at lvl 1, but actually they are just a relatively cheap way to get extra combat boosts, so good to research them to the max anyway.

I still have some doubt about the Engine Power Boost projects. Sure Navigation speed is very useful, but a lot of things are. I have so far been a bit lacking on this one.

As you progress through the tree you also encounter Art of Spaceship Dispatch I, II and III. Unlock these as soon as you can. These allow you to deploy an extra fleet. Even if you just use them to gather resources daily, they have huge value.


A lot of the projects in this tree affect the defense of your spaceport and the stats of your flagships. It is not that these are not important, but compared to the other categories these are relatively less important. Only the Art of Command projects that provide an increase in fleet leadership have a huge importance.

Research Speed

In my eyes research speed is the most important development stat, more so than construction speed or warship build speed. Make sure you get this as high as possible.

Researching Cloud Computing projects from the Development category increases research.

In the Development Core Module category there are some research speed up projects.

Placing Alliance Outposts in certain systems can also provide your alliance with a research speed boost. We have one of 11%, quite significant.

In the Production category of the Alliance Tech there is a research speed project as well. Not sure whether this is the best to focus on though.

There is Crew as well who provide a research speed. I am using Kobayakawa.

In the Command Category of the Spaceport Fortify Plan (Crew skill points) there is a research speed project at the first level, that is the best choice for your points in that category.

Once your VIP level reaches 5 you also get an extra 10% of research speed.


In the Game Parameters section on this website (My Games Guide menu) you can keep track of your research. If you do so, you will see a full list of the research available to you, which can help you select suitable research (based on availble resources) more quickly than having the browse through the different categories and projects in the game. There is also a research planner in the Tools menu, which allows you to plan a bunch of research ahead. This tool is useful when you want to participate in research events, so that you can plan ahead what you want to research and how much resources are required.

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