King of Avalon has been extended with Heroes. This guides describes this new functionality.

King of Avalon Heroes

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Explanation of Heroes in King of Avalon, including analysis of the benefits of the heroes in each of the 8 positions.

The Basics

There is a new Hero Council building, next to the Spirit Chamber, which is unlocked when your stronghold reaches level 10. In this new building you can summon Heroes and assign Heroes to one of the 8 positions in the Hero Council. Once a Hero is assigned to a position in the Hero Council you will get its boosts. The boosts can be increased by leveling up your Heroes, and more boosts can be unlocked by increasing the stars of your heroes.

Hero Types

There are 8 positions on the Hero Council, and a Hero can only be assigned to a position on the Hero Council that matches its type. These positions/types are Master Enforcer, Master of Arms, Master of War, Master of Strategy, High Constable, Keeper of the Seal, Master Herald, High Steward.

The type of boosts a Hero provides are related to the type, although heroes of the same type do not provide exactly the same boosts. Note, later on heroes with combat boosts were introduced for types that previously only had non-combat heroes.

There are two purple/epic Master Enforcers and two blue/rare Master of Arms, for the rest there is one Hero of each grade for each position on the council. Note, later more purple/epic heroes were introduced.

Hero Grades

There are three Grades of Heroes: Regular (Green), Rare (Blue) and Epic (Purple). The Regular Heroes have 3 Stars or Prowess, the Rare 4 and the Epic 5. Unlocking these extra Stars gives extra boosts.

The boosts of the first star or basic boost increases with the XP level of the hero, but the other boosts unlocked by higher Stars have a fixed value.

The maximum XP level is also higher for the higher grade Heroes. The Regular have a maximum XP level of 30, the Rare 40 and the Epic 50.

Note: Later a gold hero grade was introduced. This one has 6 stars and 6 different boosts. The maximum level is the same as Epic, 50.

Summoning Circle

When going to the Hero Council building, the Summoning Circle is the menu item to summon new heroes. When you access this you have the option to Summon a Hero via the Apprentice, Advanced and Master menu.

Via the Apprentice menu you can summon a Hero each 8 hours for free, or pay gold (first attempt 200). Note that when summoning you do not necessarily receive a hero, you can also get Hero XP or Hero Fragments. It is possible to get a Rare Hero with an Apprentice Summon, but not an Epic Hero.

Via the Advanced menu you can summon a Hero each 24 hours for free, or pay gold (first attempt 1000). Also here you can receive Hero Fragments or Hero XP instead of a Hero. You have a larger chance to get a Rare Hero than with an Apprentice Summon.

You need Horns to make Summons in the Master Summon. These Summoning Horns can be obtained by slaying Monsters, rallying Barbarian Camps. They also come with certains packs you can purchase, and are occassionally a Merlin Gift. They can be traded in the Goods Exchange as well. If you have some farm accounts, you might consider trading Summoning Horns to your main account each day. You can get Epic Heroes via a Master Summon, but also Regular or Rare Heroes, or Hero XP or Hero Fragments. Note that the Master Summon is only available if you ever spent money on buying any pack in the game.

Via the Summoning Circle you can access the Hero Gallery, which gives you an overview of all available heroes.

Hero Roster

When going to the Hero Council building, the Hero Roster is the menu item to upgrade your heroes.

You can select a Hero and use the Green Plus button to assign Hero XP. Hero XP can be acquired via Summons and killing Monsters, as well as the occassional Merlin Gift and as prize of some Events. An increase in the XP level increases the value of the primary boost.

You can select the Green Arrow to unlock the next Star/Prowess. This requires Hero Fragments and requires the Hero to be of a certain XP Level (e.g. XP level 10 is required to unlock the 2nd Star, level 20 to unlock the 3rd Star). Hero Fragments can be acquired via Summons and can be purchased in the Alchemist's Corner. Unlocking a next Star or Prowess adds extra boosts. Unlocking the second star requires 40 Fragments, unlocking the 3rd star requires 80 Fragments, unlocking the 4th Star requires 160 Fragments.

Hero Council

In the Hero Council menu of the Hero Council Building you can assign Heroes to Council Positions. The Council Positions are unlocked by stronghold levels (unlocked from Stronghold levels 10 to 13). You can Assign and Dismiss Heroes, making it possible to easily switch between two heroes of the same type. Only the assigned heroes will provide boosts for you.

In the left plane you see the total boosts all assigned heroes provide for you.


With respect to assigning Hero EXP, one should keep in mind that so far there does not seem to be a way to get Hero EXP back once assigned. So, before you start assigning loads of points you might consider your ultimate goal. If you are a big spender you might just wait until you got the best purple heroes and only assign on those (even this is no certainty not to waste hero EXP, as better heroes are regularly introduced). However if you are a small/non-spender your Hero XP might be better spend on green heroes first. In my experience some of those 3 Star Green Heroes are not bad at all, and the fragments to upgrade are relatively easy to come by (if you don't get enough you can purchase in Merlin Trial shop, Alchemist Corner, Spirit Altar shop), so as a low spender I have now upgraded all my green heroes to XP level 20, so I can upgrade them to 3 Stars.

Unless you spend a lot you are not going to be able to max out a hero for all council positions, so also keep in mind what boosts are most important for your game play.

Why Green Heroes are Good

Out-dated, although part of the above analysis still holds, it is now much easier to get purple fragments in the game, so you even the low spenders can aim to have multiple star purple heroes.

For each position a green hero upgraded to 3 Stars has interesting benefits, often much better than blue or purple at 2 Stars. Here is why you should go green, and when you should upgrade to blue or purple.

Master Enforcer: Sir Colgrevance gives a nice Cavalry Health, Bowmen Health and Infantry Defense Boost. The Blue and Purple heroes in this category only becomes significantly more favourable at 4 Stars, when they introduce Troop Defense and Health boosts.

Master of Arms: Caradoc is great at 3 Stars, giving a Troop Attack boost next to the Bowmen Attack and Damage boosts. The blue heroes do not provide any general troop boost at all, so I would skip them in this position. The purple ones are better if you can upgrade them to three Stars.

Master of War: Sir Brunor gives a nice Ctiy Army Defense boost, but I am not impressed with the trap related 2nd and 3rd Star boosts. The blue Sir Pellinore is not much better, the purple Sir Lionel is preferred from 2 Stars and Sir Tor with one Star is already preferred over Sir Brunor.

Master of Strategy: I am not too impressed with the Trap Construction Capacity and Hospital Capacity boost Maleagant gives for 1 and 2 Stars, but the Reinforcement Capacity boost for 3 Stars can be nice. The Blue Lady Isobel gives a Training Capacity boost as 1st Star boost, which is wortwhile to spend XP on if you do not have many Military Tents. The 2nd and 3rd Star Trap related boosts are of no interest to me, and the 4th Star March Capacity boost is interesting, but for non/low spenders hard to reach. The purple Sir Gawain gives 1st Star Reinforcement Capacity boost and 2nd Star Training Capacity, but these are easily to achieve with the Green and Blue Heroes. Only when you upgrade Sir Gawain to 4 (March Capacity) and 5 (Rally Capacity) Stars does it really become an added benefit.

High Constable: Prince Claudin provides Wood Production and Wood and Food Gathering boosts. I use this especially during gathering event. I found it a waste to spend EXP on both the blue Sir Pelleas and the purple Sir Gareth, as I can only use one at a time. I much prefer the silver production boost of Sir Gareth, this is another situation where it is worthwhile to assign EXP to different Heroes for the same position.

Keeper of the Seal: Sir Dinadan has a 2 Star (Trading Capacity) and 3 Star (Troop Load) boost that are very useful in specific situations (transferring lots of resources to an alliance mate, or harvesting large amount of resources from a zeroed enemy or farm). I don't add much value to the Troop Upkeep boost from the blue Lady Cerys (too little difference), but the 2 Star Resource Production would be nice to have. The 4 Star Resource Gathering as well, but that is out of my reach. The purple Elyan the White provides a 1 Star Resource Gathering Speed boost. The higher Star boosts are actually also interesting with Guardian/Assault power usage reduction and resource production. For this position it is worthwhile even for a non spender to spend on at least two heroes (green to 3 Stars and blue to 2 Stars or purple just assign EXP to increase the resource gathering speed. Assigning to both purple and blue might not be useful, as you either want to focus on having your resource production or your resource gathering boost up, you can't have both active).

Master Herald: Lady Rhona is especially nice for the 3 Star Construction Speed boost, and if you have lots of healing to do the healing speed boost will help as well. The blue Sir Gaheris gives a very useful Lord Stamina Recovery 2 Star boost, so I would do the necessary to get enough fragments to upgrade it to two stars and have this one active. If you are not a big spender it is probably best to just assign more EXP to Sir Gaheris and forget about the purple Morgause and Hellawes, but if you do spend lots of money and you can get either to 5 Stars you benefit from a nice Troop Training Speed boost.

High Steward: Sir Ector is a great at 3 Stars and if you are a low/non spender, do not spend any EXP on other heroes in this category. The blue Sir Balan only becomes interesting at 4 Stars with a Construction Iron Requirement reduction, while the purple Iseult the Fair only at 3 Stars starts to favor Sir Ector.

Trading and Selling Hero Fragments

If you have Hero Fragments you are never going to use anymore (e.g. green hero fragments of heroes you have already upgraded to 3 Stars, or purple fragments you never plan to use), you can sell them to get credits in the Spirit Altar store and the Crucible in the Alchemist Corner. I prefer the Spirit Altar store as I feel you get quite a lot (3750 coins for a purple fragment), and you can buy various things for it. In the Alchemist Corner it is very limited what you can spend it on, and I the rates are not favorable.

Before deciding to sell, especially the purple heroes, you might want to check if there is an alliance mate that wants to trade with you, this will always be better than having to sell and buy fragments with your credits. Drawback is that for the best purple heroes you can only give one fragment a day by trading (and you even need to have VIP on to be able to do so!).

Sealed Epic Hero Fragments

For a while I assumed that all heroes would be available via Sealed Epic Hero Fragments, but this is actually not the case. You can only get Sir Bedivere, Sir Balin, Sir Lamorak, Sir Tor, Sir Gawain, Sir Gareth, Elyan the White, Morgause and Iseult the Fair. These are probably the original heroes, which means you cannot get the recently released Tristan, Sir Kay, Sir Baudwin and Elaine of Garlot, but also not Sir Lionel, Sir Agravain and Hellawes, who were already available for long time. Especially Sir Agravain is a popular choice for players, but if you are a non/low spender, perhaps Sir Lamorak is the better choice for that slot.


Certain heroes have bonds and appointing Heroes who have Bonds will bring additional benefits. You get additional boosts when all in the bond are enhanced to 3 and 5 stars. I don't have these boosts available on the website yet, but since update 5.1 you can find them in game.

Tristan and Sir Kay are part of the United Round Table bond. Having both of them active with one Star gives 100% Cavalry and Bowmen Defense extra.

King Arthurs Soul, Sir Baudwin, Elaine of Garlot are part of the Royal Return bond. Having all three on one star gives -10% Bowmen and Infantry Damage Received and 10% Troop Attack.

The Red Knight are part of the Sword and Shield bond. Having all three on one star gives 10% Bowmen Damage, 10% Army Damage, 10% Troop Defense, -10% Cavalry Damage Received.


This new Hero feature can provide large boosts, and there are a large varierty of interesting boosts such as various Combat Boosts, Research and Construction Speed Increase, and resource cost reduction boosts for both construction and research.

For low/non spenders it is still easily possible to get most heroes and hero experience. Getting enough fragments to unlock other stars is harder, especially for the blue and purple heroes.

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