Regular Troops
Name Tier Type
Grunt Tier 1 Infantry
Archer Tier 1 Ranged
Cataphract Tier 1 Cavalry
Ballista Tier 1 Siege Engine
Gladiator Tier 2 Infantry
Sharpshooter Tier 2 Ranged
Reptilian Rider Tier 2 Cavalry
Catapult Tier 2 Siege Engine
Royal Guard Tier 3 Infantry
Stealth Sniper Tier 3 Ranged
Royal Cavalry Tier 3 Cavalry
Fire Trebuchet Tier 3 Siege Engine
Heroic Fighter Tier 4 Infantry
Heroic Cannoneer Tier 4 Ranged
Ancient Drake Rider Tier 4 Cavalry
Destroyer Tier 4 Siege Engine
Luminary Guard Tier 5 Infantry
Luminary Avenger Tier 5 Ranged
Luminary Marksman Tier 5 Cavalry
Luminary Lion Force Tier 5 Siege Engine

Use the Troop Training Calculator to plan your troop training.

Troops Strengths/Weakness Matrix

Attacking Against
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